Monday, February 28, 2005

Running a Mickey Mouse Trap Line

My brother and I grew up in an old farmhouse that needless to say wasn't very air tight and as a result contained a healthy population of mice. My mom in a fit of frustration at seeing a mouse run by with company expected to arrive any minute offered my brother and I a one-dollar bounty on any mouse that we captured dead. Alive wasn't an option. My brother and I were quickly spurred into action by this lucrative sum of money and we gather up all the old traps we could find. We lined them up, flipped a coin and proceeded to pick our traps much like one would in choosing up sides for a game of baseball. After raiding the refrigerator for cheese, we baited our traps and set them through out the house in what we felt were likely spots for a mouse to run. We were not disappointed.

For more weeks than I can count, we would excitedly wake up and run through the house checking our "mouse trap line" for recent kills. We would show our mother the body, dispose of it to the outdoor cats, re-bait and we were back in business. Soon we were flush with cash and being enterprising young lads, we invested some of our profits in more traps, which brought in more wealth. We even started experimenting with different types of traps and which baits to see what worked better. (Cheese can get carried off without disturbing the trap much easier than peanut butter.) Eventually we decimated the population of mice and the successful killing of a mouse became a rare event much to my mother's happiness.

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