Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Pulling the Plug On Cookie

Sometimes life isn't fair especially when death is involved. Cookie worked on the factory floor at my company and I dealt with him off and on as an engineer but we weren't what I would call friends. Strictly business with a couple casual conversations or joking thrown into the mix. Unbeknownst to me, Cookie was on a waiting list for a liver transplant. He had been involved in an accident many years ago in which he was overcome with carbon monoxide and among other things, the carbon monoxide is being blamed for destroying his liver. One other side effect that I was aware of was his writing style. Whenever I had to read something from him, I would almost have to break out a magnifying glass. To him, he felt like he was writing in huge letters but to everyone else, it was super tiny print that was written in perfect form. Another side effect was his voice, which was extremely deep and full of "gravel" since the accident. But it was the liver that was his downfall. Cookie got an infection in his liver and went to the hospital a few weeks ago. The infection spread to his brain and he is now clinically brain dead. They were going to pull the plug on Cookie last night. More than his sudden departure and probably death, what affects me the most is the fairness of it all. Here is a man in his mid 40's who has spent a lifetime working and doesn't get a chance to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labors. We have life all turned around. We should enjoy the first 30 years of our life traveling and doing the things we enjoy, then spend the next 30 working, the next 12 to 16 going to school and whatever you have left, laying around, eating and having someone care for us hand-in-foot.

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