Friday, January 14, 2005

Breathing In Dad

I heard a story today at work that I couldn't resist repeating.

An uncle of a fellow who works here died and was cremated. His aunt wanted to hold a private ceremony for the burial of the ashes and had a deal where they could bury the urn in the family plot themselves. So they loaded up the truck with the necessary tools and drove to the cemetery. Once there, the dug a whole with a post hole digger and prepared to put the ashes in. The aunt and uncle have one son who in today's politically correct terms in mentally challenged. My co-worker gave the box of ashes to the boy who carried it over to the hole and was about to lower it in with some ribbon. What the co-worker neglected to do in his arrangement of the funeral was to have the box of ashes sealed which evidently is an option. Needless to say, as the boy was lowering the ashes, the lid came off and the whole works tumbled down into the hole. There was a whoomph sound and a cloud of ashes wafted out of the hole. The boy got a direct shot into his face and he started coughing and choking a little in the dust. His eyes then got wide as saucers as he realized that he had just breathed in some of dad. They finally got him settled down and were able to reach down into the whole to retrieve the box. They learned that the ashes had been placed in a plastic bag inside the box and what they had seen was not ashes but regular old dirt.

Anyway, the mental image of the boy thinking he had breathed in some of his dad was pretty funny and I thought I would pass it on for some end of the week humor.

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