Thursday, December 23, 2004

A Short Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a shop in Hutchinson town, worked a fair maiden by the name of Annie. This young maiden, had locks of gold that reflected the morning’s sunlight like a well polished mirror. None in all the land knew a more exquisite beauty and everybody assumed that such a person was surely betrothed to another. But Annie worked all day long slaving away for her employer and then went home to her empty cottage assuming that all that knew her thought she was hideous and something to avoid.

One year ago to this very day, a young lad named Jack stumbled upon Annie by chance on a fair sunny day when her locks reflected the most. He was blinded so much that it took the very breath from his chest and left him speechless before her. But young Jack was not blinded by her beauty outside as were all the other lads but by the beauty that radiated from her heart.

For Jack was pure at heart and soul for he was the last of the true romantics that roamed the land. He had been searching for the woman who would whisper the words that he longed to hear. Many had tried over the years but none had uttered the correct ones and so he wandered from one village to the next looking in all the maidens’ eyes searching for the one that he would love for all time until he saw Annie.

Jack’s heart swelled with a feeling he had never felt before in all his time and he struggled to remain collected with his wits for he had yet to hear those words that he longed to hear. Jack rose every morning that he was to meet young Annie with a light in his eyes and warmth in his heart wondering if today would be the day. He befriended Annie, continuing to find out more about her and to slowly revealing more about him. Jack told Annie of his dreams and desires while showing her everything he had in hopes that she would someday whisper the words that he so longed to hear.

One day, one year from the very day they met, Jack learned that another lad had smote the young maiden and his heart was broken in two by the news. For weeks, he tried to remain to young Annie the person he had been before but it surely got to him like water eventually cracks the rock and so young Jack set off for lands unknown.

Jack sailed the seven seas seeking to grab death by the heels to relieve him of his misery but death could not be found. He wandered roamed the seven continents and saw the seven wonders of the world in hopes that their beauty could make him forget that of Annie but was only further reminded of what he had left behind him. Years would pass and the nights only seemed to grow colder to Jack until he gave up his search for death and went back to an area he knew well from his travels as a youngster on the River of the Buffalo.

There is where we find Jack one cool winter day in his twenty seventh year, sitting on a rock overlooking the Valley of the Buffalo with a tear rolling down his cheek. He had vowed to remain here until Mother Nature herself had removed the last breath from his lungs as the young maiden he had seen in Hutchinson town. He sat there accepting his fate when a voice seemed to come from the very mountain behind him and caress his soul. The voice said, “You are my destiny, for our destiny is one.”

In a flash, Jack was up and young Annie was in his arms wiping the tears from his face with kisses as sweet as a mountain spring. He had finally heard those words that he longed to hear for so many years and he was happier than anything he had ever known. They were wed in a simple ceremony befitting of a pauper but it mattered not for all who attended were blinded by the purity of their love for each other and it was passed on through the centuries by other romantics who arose from the ashes to search for their true love. And so Jack and Annie live happily every after because they were each other’s destiny and their destiny was one.

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