Friday, October 29, 2004

Hello Jimmy?

Growing up in first grade kids can be so cruel
And it is not so much the exception as it was the rule
And so we never let poor Jimmy play in any of our games
Instead we all teased him hurting him with our names
Hello Jimmy what became of you?

His hands were always bleeding from biting them with his teeth
It's the only thing he knew to do whenever he was teased
We never threw sticks or stones or broke any of his bones
But what we did was worse how could we have known
Hello Jimmy what became of you

Running laughing playing games making fun of Jim
Til one day he caught a boy and beat the crap out of him
They came and took poor Jimmy we never saw him again
We were only hurting him deeper instead of being a friend
Hello Jimmy what became of you

So please have some compassion if you see someone like Jim
Instead of making fun of them try and be a friend
Now I live with my consious of what I did to Jim
Knowing one day when I die I'll have to explain to Him
I'm sorry Jimmy for what I did to you

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