Monday, April 6, 2020

Road Closed

This is the sight on our street about 50 feet from my driveway so effectively I am living at the end of a dead end street for the next 3 or 4 months. In times of social distancing, I kind of like it. The road off in the distance forms the rear boundary line of our property and is being reconstructed from the mechanicals underneath on up. Where it intersects with the street our house faces and the one I am standing on when I took this photo, is completely blocked off as they are planning on lowering the hill just to the west of the intersection to improve sight lines to standards. Right now, the hill is such that when people are speeding and that is more often than not, I end up part way through the intersection and having to floor it to get out of the way when a split second earlier it was completely clear. I am always amazed that nobody has been hit at that intersection in the years I have lived here.

Although we stocked up a bit before the pandemic hit our state, we were running low on a few things so I made a trip to the grocery store first thing this morning. This meant having to take the back way out of our neighborhood and winding through a couple more just to get back on the street you see in the distance. Eventually I made it and was pleased to see that it wasn't busy yet. Inside, the fresh fruits and veggies along with some fresh fish, were all fully stocked which is mostly what I was after. Although the medicine aisle looked like it had been ransacked by looters, they amazingly had full shelves of cold remedies containing zinc which is proven to boost your immune systems. I would have thought that would have been the first to go but it wasn't. We've been taking daily doses of zinc since the pandemic hit our state so I got some more.

Although we are only low and have alternative means, I walked by the toilet paper aisle and it was completely decimated. The poor clerk said he didn't know when the next shipment was coming in. Other than the toilet paper, every thing I picked up was in stock though many aisles were very picked through which meant that although they had lots of cereal, they didn't have my favorite so I had to go with a different kind. There were no pankow but they had flavored bread crumbs. If you are into Chef-Boyarde, you were plumb out of luck, but plenty of Campbells. There were plenty of milk, eggs and bread this time around too.

So I loaded my purchases into my car, sanitized my hands and headed home. Salmon is still on the menu but without the bread crumbs and lots of fresh veggies.


Kelly said...

We live a little off a county road (can't see our house from the road) so we know if a car comes up to our house, they're either lost or looking for us. I like it.

I made a Walmart trip today. They're now using just one entrance to the store and (I presume) only letting a certain number in at a time. I found most of what I was looking for, but no bread flour or yeast. The woman next to me was searching for baking powder. We agreed everyone seems to be more baking now. I did see TP and bread this trip (signs asking that folks only buy one of the latter), but the rice aisle was still stripped bare.

Ed said...

Kelly - Our farm has an 1/8th mile long drive which I always loved for the fact that anyone coming down it, was definitely looking for us.

Jeff said...

Salmon sounds good, was their lemon?

Ed said...

Jeff - We had plenty of lemons already for some reason. I like a little bit of Greek Seasoning on baked salmon but my kids really love my fried salmon cakes that I make.

Debby said...

It seems like the shortages may be easing up here. We are fortunate to have a freezer full of venison.