Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Hammer Time

While cleaning out my garage, I was ditching some scraps of wood that weren't really nice for kindling in my fireplace during the winter and I came across some narrow oak boards that were created from ripping wider boards to size. Oak burns nicely so I wouldn't throw them away anyway but it seemed a shame to burn them. I thought a bit and decided I would turn one of those boards into a hammer.

Wooden hammers are great to use with chisels and assembling wooden projects. I have a rubber mallet that I sometimes use for assembling wooden projects but I don't like using it with my chisels. So with this idea in mind, I decided to create a wooden hammer to add to my collection of hammers. I think I have around six of them and every single one has a purpose.

I cut and laminated three layers together to create the head of the hammer. On the inner layer, I cut it into two pieces putting a 2 degree angle on the inside edges so to create a tapered mortise to lock in the handle without having to manually cut it after the fact.

The handle was also a lamination of two layers that I added some curves to and knocked off the edges to create a nice beefy handle that fits my glove hands nicely. I cut the end to size so that it fit into the narrow end of the tapered mortise in the hammer head and then cut some slots in it. I cut some contrasting wood, in this case kamagong wood from my last trip to the Philippines and fashioned a couple of wedges which I pounded into the slots I cut in the handle to expand it to fill out the entire taper. Everything was locked together with lots of glue.

I rounded off one end of the hammer head and put another 2 degree taper on the other end. After knocking off all the corners and hand sanding everything, I put a couple coats of Danish Oil on the project and after a few days, I'll probably put a coat or two of paste wax over that. Not bad for a scrap board of oak. I have two more boards of the same size but I don't need three hammers so I think I'll just leave them in my cutoff scrap bin for now in case I think of something else that might come in handy.


Kelly said...

What a wonderfully creative idea! I'm impressed!

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Wow! I would never have thought one could make a handmade wooded hammer! It looks really good. I'm also impressed.

Ed said...

Kelly - The best part is that I have a chance to use it on my current project!

Pumpkin Delight - I've seen them around wood shops where a lot of chiseling was done but until recently when I used one to do just that, it hadn't occurred to me to get/make one of my own.

Nawm D Gerr said...

That is really nice! Very impressive and it will last much longer than anything you could buy. Bravo and thanks for sharing.

Ed said...

Nawm - My pleasure. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.