Friday, July 6, 2018

Visiting Ancestors On the Way Home

As we turned back towards home, we drove through an area where my Chicken ancestors had lived for a time after they immigrated from England. However as their kids married and moved away after the Civil War and my 4th great grandmother died, the family kind of disintegrated. My 4th great grandfather remarried and moved to South Dakota where he proved up on some land and died years later. I have been out there and visited his grave on my way out to the Black Hills. I have never however visited the grave of my 4th great grandmother who was the only one who was buried in that part of SW Wisconsin. So I did that.

The cemetery was a small one and very neglected with time and it took a few passes before I finally located a tombstone with the Chicken surname on it underneath the pine and leaf litter. I think this is actually a daughter's tombstone that died in childhood and not that of my 4th great grandmother but I'm sure she is buried right next to here.

We continued on south to the area where my 3rd great grandfather John Kuck whom I've been blogging about a lot recently immigrated too, lived and died. I've visited his grave before but it has been several years so we stopped once more just to pay our respects. (For a brief reminder, five of his seven children and wife died in the space of a few months and they are all buried in a row there.) After visiting the graves, we ate lunch, walked in the cold wind and rain to check out a suspension bridge over a very flooded river and continued on towards home.

When we got tired of driving, we stopped for supper at another farm-to-table restaurant that has been on our bucket list and it didn't disappoint either. Above are some sweet potato cakes with a spicy sauce on top. Below is a chicken and avocado salad that my wife enjoyed. I had the best cuban sandwich I have ever eaten in my life but it wasn't nearly as photogenic and I didn't take a picture. Had I know it would be the best cuban sandwich I have ever eaten, I would have taken a picture anyway but you know what they say about hindsight. For those in the area of Grinnel, definitely stop in at the Prairie Canary for some good eats.

Stomachs full and well rested, we finally set our GPS for home. It turned out to be a successful mini-vacation and I'm glad that we got kicked out of Chicago by the traffic.


Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun and productive vacation overall. I've certainly enjoyed the food pics. :)

It's been almost 40 years since I drove in Chicago. It was stressful then and I can only imagine how much more so it would be now.

Ed said...

Kelly - I certainly enjoyed the food! On other news, I finally figured out the lack of comment notification on blogger buried about a half a dozen scrolls deep into a post on the blogger help site. In essense, I have to "Choose from contacts" myself under Settings, Email, Comment Notification Email to get it to work. Based on your comment on Vince's blog, I had previously deleted and retyped my email address in there several times without success. This time it finally worked when I chose myself after clicking on the link.