Friday, February 16, 2018


I got the call almost a week ago. My mom's brain cancer had come back.

Although her MRI done in November had been clear, the one taken three months later (last week) showed a large tumor in the frontal lobe of her brain. The previous tumor site in the rear parietal lobe still is clear meaning that if this new one is malignant, it has metastasized. Because her previous tumor didn't "light" up on the MRI and this one shows up really bright and has grown really fast, doctors think it is probably a really aggressive form. Her previous tumor was already stage 3 out of 4 so that doesn't leave much room for optimism because when you get to stage 4, life is measured in weeks or months and not years.

There is good news.

The tumor is compact and doesn't show any signs of "fingers" spreading out into healthy tissue. This is unlike the previous tumor which had fingers that limited its complete removal since they really don't want to scoop away healthy tissue. The doctors estimated that they got about 90% of the last one. With no fingers and the location being much better, i.e. less things to screw up if they scoop out the wrong brain cells, they think they can get all of it out through surgery.

That is where my mom is right now and as you read this, I am probably in a waiting room with my father trying to keep my mind occupied on something other than what is going on in the surgery room down the hall.

I'm pretty heartbroken right now. I've done a lot of reading these last 18 months and when brain cancer comes back and is more malignant, it rarely looses. We had been told and were hoping for the five year average but now we might be lucky to complete two by the middle of this summer. I'm praying and hoping that the miracle occurs and perhaps my mom can still be one of those that pushes the envelope back. I will probably know more in a few days when the pathology reports come back.

Any good vibes or prayers sent today would be well received. For those that know me on other social media platforms, I ask that this remain private for the time being as we probably won't be telling others in the extended family until we know what we are dealing with.

Thank you my friends.


ErinFromIowa said...

So sorry Ed. Sending strong thoughts full of healing energy to your Mom. <3

Kelly said...

I hate to hear this. You know you can count on my prayers and I've already sent out a request, rallying additional prayers from my DoK group.

((hugs)) to you and all your family.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Thinking of your family.

Bob said...

So sorry, Ed. Keep us posted and know you and your family have my prayers.

Vince said...

You, and your mom have my very best wishes.