Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sea Life

Not sure what these are but similar to Angel Fish
 Every year, we try to do a few mini-vacations where we just get away from the stresses of home life for a night or two and experience some culture. This year since my grandparents are living across town and not across the country in Florida, we didn't take a long vacation between Christmas and New Year as we have done. So we decided to do a mini vacation to Kansas City and see some of the things we wished we had explored the last couple times we have been there but didn't get too. The first on our list was Sea Life Aquarium.

Jelly Fish
 I love photography and aquariums, especially if the tank glass has been cleaned fairly recently. So many of them are just caked with oil and grime that last were cleaned a decade ago when the place was build but at this particular aquarium, the glass was almost immaculate, especially considering we were there in the afternoon well after it had been open for hours.

Giant Spider Crab that probably spanned an area longer than I am tall
 The kids enjoyed looking at all the creatures as well as us adults and we can now cross the aquarium off our list. Perhaps the best part of the experience were the "Fin Facts" written randomly on the walls in-between the tanks. I learned a lot of trivia information that I may use to my advantage if we have a water world based category at our next charity trivia event.

Clown Fish


Susan said...

It made me feel warmer just looking at your photos!

Kelly said...

Great photos! My family loves aquariums.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh what great photos! Aquariums are so interesting. I bet the kids just loved seeing all the creatures that they don’t regularly see.

Ed said...

Susan - Sounds like you are getting your share of cold, snowy weather out there today!

Kelly - I think love of aquariums is universal!

Pumpkin Delight - The biggest sight was an eel which they couldn't believe I could eat in the form of unagi!