Wednesday, November 29, 2017

One Last Project

With at least a couple weeks of fair weather predicted before winter got too cold and with "experts" predicting a warmer than normal winter for us this year, I thought I would squeeze one more garage project in before I quit for the winter. I don't have a heated garage so it gets quite nippy in there during the core winter months.

On a visit with my grandparents now residing in a senior living facility here in town, my grandmother asked her if I could build her a bookshelf for the corner of her living room to display some pictures and knick knacks on. I've been pressing this same person for over half a year to decide where she wants all her pictures hung up on the walls and she always tells me she hasn't made up her mind. So when she requested something outright, I immediately said yes.

The corner had a light on one wall and an outlet on another so there wasn't really room to squeeze a traditional bookcase on either wall. So I have gone out of the box a bit and come up with my own design for a true corner bookcase. Above (and below) are pictures of the carcass being glued together. Next I will put a face frame and moldings around the front edges of it. The horizontal grooves in the picture (will be vertical grooves when I stand it up) will hold tracks that allow pins put in for adjustable shelving.

Because it will stand in the corner, the angles are 45 degrees which has made creative clamping a necessity. I'm not sure how I am going to attach the face frame yet to the carcass but I am currently thinking about experimenting with pocket screw joinery which is designed for 90 degree angles, not 45.

I'm making it out of cherry due to the success of my apothecary chest and how well it finished. I will include some more posts when I make some progress on this but between birthdays in the family and then Thanksgiving, I may be pushing cold weather before I make much more.


sage said...

That’s going to be a fine piece of furniture. Nice work!

Susan said...

My goodness, you are a talented guy! That is going to be beautiful!

Kelly said...

That's going to be wonderful! I had two small corner shelves (more for knickknacks than books), but my daughter has them now.

I look forward to seeing the end result!

Ed said...

Sage - Thanks!

Susan - I hope so. The devil is in the details they say.

Kelly - That is the plan for my grandparents. They have some pictures they wish to display.

Bob said...

I love corner cabinets. We have two in our dining room from my parents’ house. They’re great because they make such efficient use of space and they’re also unique — not what everyone else has. I look forward to seeing yours finished.

Leigh said...

How nice the weather timed itself to comply with her request! Corner cabinets are great, because corners are often dreary, unexciting places in a room. The will be a good use of space.

Ed said...

Bob - I guess I hang out with the wrong crowd. I haven't seen anything like this and even the plans I am building off of are a mixture of two different designs and my creative engineering.

Leigh - The weather is still nice but due to circumstances I will explain next week, the project is currently on hold for awhile.