Friday, October 20, 2017

Run Forrest Run!

My home county was having their annual fall celebration recently where all the little towns and villages get together and throw a party of sorts. There is some entertainment but mostly it is just a bunch of vendors selling junk and trinkets and places open up that are normally closed. I've been attending this event since its former incarnation thirty plus years ago as a craft festival where people came from far and wide to sell their homemade wares, in my case pumpkins and gourds. This year, we opted to do something a bit different and began our day as a family in the 10k/5k fun walk event. My wife was wanting to attempt running 10k for the first time, my dad wasn't sure he could still run 10k after all these years and my oldest daughter wanted to run her second 5k. I opted for walking on the fun walk since the run was on pavement and I wasn't sure my knees would hold out.

There were only about thirty people entered in all the races/walks and everyone took off as one. I opted to really push myself walking and averaged around 13.5 minutes per mile for the two mile fun walk. When I finished, the first of the 3k runners were already back. I chatted with my mom for awhile waiting for my oldest daughter to finish. However, one of the 3k runners that I had actually passed walking finally came walking back and I knew something was wrong. So my mom and I set off down the course looking for her. I got back to the one mile walk turn around which was only a half mile from the 3k turn around and still no sight of my daughter. I suspected that she had missed her turn around and was now running the 10k route and instead of encouragement, she might need a lift, so for the second time, while my mom continued on, I returned back to the start/finish line (having done the 2 mile fun run twice) and got in our car and drove down the route. (We are low key here, the road that the run/walk was on never was shut down to traffic.) I finally found my daughter, with my wife, about a mile from the finish line. My daughter had indeed gotten confused and ended up running to the 10k turnaround and wanted to finish the race. I picked up my mom and we returned to the finish line to inform the judges to what happened and wait for them to arrive. They did a short while later.

Although my daughter was signed up for a 5k, the judges scored her for the 10k and as a result, she won first place in the female under 14 category of which she was the only one entered. Lots of people came up to congratulate her accomplishment and I couldn't help think of the football scene in the movie Forrest Gump. My dad, scored first place in the male 65 and older category of which he was the only one entered. My wife finished her first 10k run and though she didn't get a medal, she finished and that was enough for her. We celebrated by driving on into town for lunch and then some of of walked the trinket stands while others headed for the farm where we all met up later for a visit before calling it a day.


Kelly said...

It sounds confusing to me! I'm glad she just got turned around rather than something happening.

I love to walk, but running has never agreed with my legs.

Bob said...

Sounds like a great day. I’m just glad you found your daughter — winning is the icing on the cake! We (or at least some of us) usually start Thanksgiving Day with a 5K and justify the overeating later!