Friday, October 6, 2017

More Clamps

With the toilet problem hopefully fixed for the time being, I went back to what I would rather be doing. Working on my project in the garage. I got the last of my drawer parts cut to size and all the details put on them and glued them up. I then put the bottom trim piece of the cabinet and clamped it up. See below. When the glue sets, I will have to glue and clamp the top trip piece on, attach the back panel and then sand everything. Once complete I will have to finish the project, attach hardware and it will be done.


Susan said...

Just goes to prove one can never have too many clamps. This is going to be some piece of woodworking!

Kelly said...

I'm really looking forward to the end product. So much work in getting all those small drawers just right!

Ed said...

Susan - I will never have enough clamps though I will admit I struggle for room to store the ones I have!

Kelly - The drawers took a lot of time and all the while I kept thinking what those people did with the huge chests that had 40 to 50 of those drawers in them compared to my nine.