Monday, October 2, 2017

Fireball Run

It's not everyday you see a Maclaren in the poorest county of the state.

I've heard of the Cannonball Run and have seen the comedy movie of the same name but when I heard Fireball Run is coming to town, I honest didn't have any idea what it was about. As I soon found out, it is a television show by Amazon (didn't know they produced original programming either) filmed in real time and is about a cross country adventure to bring awareness to missing children.

I'm not sure how much of a heads up is given to towns along the way but I only found out through contacts within the city about two weeks before its arrival and saw the first advertisement for it about a week later. There was a push to pick up trash and spiff up the central park location where they were to meet and food trucks were allowed to park along the street to sell food.

Unfortunately for me, I was busy and couldn't make it until the last half hour of the scheduled two hour event so I probably missed some of the cars. I did see a Lamborghini but didn't get a picture because it was mobbed by people looking at it and frankly, I've seen a couple before during my travels. I hadn't seen a Maclaren (above picture) before nor have I seen the time machine from Back to the Future (below). The fellow driving it even had the long white hair of Doc Brown. All the other remaining teams still hanging around (40 teams total I was told) were driving rather ordinary vehicles covered in decals.

It was a nice distraction on my way to return library books for my oldest and to pick up parts for my next project which I was dreading. Next time.


Kelly said...

We had something to do with the Cannonball Run come through our town over the summer, but this is the first I've heard of the Fireball Run. It sounds like a very good cause!

sage said...

Neat cars--I remember being in a bar in the Atlanta area once which had been a film set for one of those movies (This was in the early or mid-80s. I don't remember which movie, but I think Burt Reynolds drove a car into the bar).