Friday, September 8, 2017

Mini Project

This past spring, I was cleaning up my shop and found a scrap of fir lumber from some previous project and decided to make something from it. I looked online awhile and finally settled on some airplanes for my girls to play with. I had intended it to be a summer project for them where they could spend some scorching hot day inside painting them and then more hours/days playing with them. However, other pressing projects and eventually the scorching hot weather itself drove me out of the garage and into the house.

Now that the cool mornings and seasonable afternoons have come back to our area, I have been able to spend more time out in the garage and in-between other projects, I did some work here and there and finally finished them, at least as far as I'm going to work on them. The finishing part will be left up to my daughters to complete as they desire.

The fir was miserable to work with for some of the intricate details. The plane on the right splintered badly when I went to drill out the holes for the engine cylinders to the point it was unusable. I tried two more times on scrap pieces of wood before getting a successful one and then cut off the nose of the plane and glued the scrap on. Once painted, it won't be noticeable anyway.

The planes are based off Charles Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis plane. I had fun working on them and it was challenging figuring out how to drill off-perpendicular holes on it with my limited tools. I ended up using a good chunk of the fir making jigs as I did making the planes. However now that fall has arrived, they are hiding out in my garage until perhaps Christmas time unless they get found first.


Kelly said...

What a great project!! I hope you'll share photos once the girls have personalized them.

Ed said...

Kelly - I will if I remember. That is the hard part these days!