Friday, September 1, 2017

Fly Iowa

Every year our state picks a town for an event which gathers together plane enthusiasts for a weekend and this year, our humble little town was chosen. My house is only a couple miles from the airport as the crow flies so it has been a busy weekend looking up at the sky. Although we still aren't getting any rain, the skies have been overcast due to the hurricane further south which has been creating overcast skies. The air show portion of the event kicked off with skydivers, some carrying smoke generators and one carrying the American flag. All made it look easy when landing but I'm sure it isn't nearly so.

I've never been to an airshow so when the first plane took off, rolled sideways and went "sliding" down the runway as seen above, I was mightily impressed and very glad my feet were firmly planted on the ground.

Later, the same pilot would fly upside down and cut a string with his tail that four people on the ground were holding vertical at the end of 20 feet long poles.

Then he came back and cut one only ten feet high with his wing in another power slide move. I still have a hard time breathing just looking at the picture.

It's hard to convey motion of an airplane with a picture, which is why I'm sure they use the smoke generators during their performance. Still, with hundreds of pictures, the ones that convey the most motion are the ones in which you can see from the smoke trail they changed direction.

During the entire performance of this bi-plane, he never flew in a straight level line until he was coming in for the final landing. I would be thoroughly dizzy and probably puking if I was riding with him in the passenger seat.

There were other bi-planes and single winged/single engine planes but once you've seen one, you've seen them all. I guess there is only so much a plane can do. Still it was worth watching and eventually a twin engine, twin smoke generating plane flew at the end of the show.

Like the others, the most impressive pictures were of it changing directions....

... which it did frequently.


Susan said...

Oh, wow! What great pictures! That first one is wonderful - I bet there was some pull on that arm dragging in that ginormous flag! I'm afraid I would have been closing my eyes through most of that pilot's string-cutting activities...

Kelly said...

Great pictures, indeed! I can't recall ever attending an air show, but I know it would make me nervous to watch. Such dare-devils! You might think having flown myself that I wouldn't feel that way, but I think that's maybe why I do! Even watching crop dusters or those flying pipe-lines can be heart stopping.

Ed said...

Susan - Somehow being behind the lens of a camera removes that sense of being part of the action and thus not as tense feeling as looking at the pictures later or witnessing it real time.

Kelly - I wouldn't have guessed you being nervous watching those things. But I should have. Bicycling doesn't make me nervous but one being ridden on a wire 50 feet above the ground does!

Bob said...

You definitely got some great shots.