Friday, September 15, 2017


I live in a small rural town sometimes referred to as the City of Bridges since the city straddles the river in my blog header and there are 4 traffic bridges, one pedestrian bridge, one railroad bridge and one maintenance bridge above a dam that crosses between the sides. As I walked along the river the other day, I noticed that the latter bridge was being worked on or more accurately, some of the dam gates that control water levels was being worked on. As a result, the pool above the dam seen above was probably a good 12 to 15 feet below normal and the river was essentially freely flowing under the gates instead of over the top.

I've lived near this dam my entire life and I can't recall a time when I've been able to see the river freely flowing or the intakes to the hydro electric plant below. It made me want to grab a kayak and float that section of the river although I may have been shouted at. I probably certain I would have had to duck to get underneath the opened gates as well. Alas I settled for just taking some pictures and watching the work on the gates for awhile before continuing my walk.

Bonus feature: Below is a film clip from my great grandfather's film collection showing this very dam under construction almost 70 years ago.


wyomingheart said...

Love the video! You are very fortunate to have that piece of history. Thanks for sharing.

sage said...

What a neat video and I'm sure you'd gotten in trouble if you had tried to shoot through the dam!

Susan said...

That is so interesting! I always wondered how dams are built. I find that living (working) in a city that is only accessible to me via a bridge can be a bit of a pain. Everyone seems to lose their minds on the roads and there is almost always an accident which clogs the arteries in, so to speak. I would have hopped in the kayak and the heck with them - they'd have to catch you!

Ed said...

Wyomingheart - I was certainly thrilled when I discovered it earlier this year. It would seem mundane at the time but 70 years later it certainly has much more interest.

Sage - In my younger days I might have gone ahead anyway and begged for forgiveness later.

Susan - Fortunately, we live on the north side of the river and 80% of what I do is on the same side. Even if it wasn't, this is a small town so a complete gridlock traffic jam maybe takes up an extra five minutes and that is only when the train is going through town and you aren't taking the bridge that goes over the tracks!

Kelly said...

How neat to have that video!

When you say gates to control the water flow... is that the same as what I'd call a "lock & dam"? I can remember traveling by river as a child and going through those in our houseboat.

Ed said...

Kelly - This is a hydro electric dam so their is no traveling past it. Their is usually only one gate open unless there is a deluge of water heading our way and that gate essentially pinches the water between its bottom and the bottom of the river.

koi seo said...

I would have hopped in the kayak and the heck with them - they'd have to catch you!