Monday, September 4, 2017

Alice In Wonderland

I suppose every small city has one of these but ours has a children's play group that puts on performances a few times a year. The only requirement besides being talented is that you must be younger than 16 to perform. This fall, the production was Alice In Wonderland and it was definitely the best of the ones we have seen. The lines are all spot on memorized and the acting skills were excellent, even for adults. This was also one of the larger productions as there were probably close to 100 kids acting in this play. Of those, I probably knew a good dozen of them by name and I'm sure I would recognize even more of them without their costumes and makeup on. My oldest daughter now wants to join the group so perhaps the next time, she will be up on stage.

My wife and I use to go to all the plays until we started having and raising kids and then we only went to a select few. Now our girls are getting old enough to sit still for an entire performance and enjoy the show. More so than I can say for some adults. Rant follows:

Why is it that those that sit in the middle of long auditorium rows are the ones that have to get up and leave the most often. This was a two hour play with a 15 minute intermission in the middle so it was more like two fifty minute chunks. Still, one lady (whom I know) had to get up and leave no fewer than five times in those two hours and of course return which meant ten passes through 50 feet of people trying not to step on toes, spill food or drinks.. Assuming she had a legitimate reason for doing so, with open seating, why hadn't she sat on the end? When the show ended, she immediately started rushing down the aisle pushing past people until she got to my back. I of course was standing and politely waiting for those people between me and the end of the row to exit before I follow. She started tapping me on the shoulder saying she needed to go but my only recourse was to sit down in a seat to let her by but that would only gain her one spot since everyone between me and the end of the row was standing and slowly making our way out. So I ended up just ignoring her and kept on standing so she was forced to wait her turn. We got to the end of the aisle and turned towards the exit and she immediately started pushing past people from behind in her haste to make it to the exit but kept getting caught behind others and much to my delight, I still made it out of the theater before her and didn't rudely push anybody. Turned out she only wanted to take a picture of her daughter who was in the play (playing a background flower) but since all the actors/actresses were standing in a long line outside, anybody who wanted to do so could at their leisure.

Other than that one blemish, it was a great experience.


sage said...

I assume she had the best view in the middle, but I also hate it when people get up and down especially when there is an intermission.

Kelly said...

I could understand it if a person had a medical reason they needed to get up (bathroom?)... but that many times in such a short span of time?? It's rude. She should have sat on the aisle.

I think it's great when small communities have things like this. We have an excellent arts center in our small town which includes theater for both adults and children.

Ed said...

Sage - Really as close as we were, third row from the stage, there wasn't a bad seat anywhere. I think she is a hyper helicopter parent and her enjoyment of her daughter trumped the enjoyment of all the others between her and the door.

Kelly - I thought it very rude considering around thirty people between us had to pick up bags, juggle drinks and popcorn, etc, ten different times.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh, don't even get me started on the rudeness of people in the theater (or anywhere really). The majority of people know how to behave when sitting in an audience, but there are those select few who are inconsiderate and ruin it for the rest of us. Between coming late and crawling over the sitters, getting up and down repeatedly, cell phones, excessive talking, eating, taking pictures, etc. Just sit down and shut up and watch the show like the rest of us are trying to do!!!! Gah!!! Between movies and plays I go to the theater once or twice a month, at least. Lack of consideration for others drives me mad.
The children's theater sounds like a nice time out with the family. We have a local children's group who are home-schooled and can join as part of their "curriculum". They put on show during the day a couple of times a year and we (my school) can walk the kids to the performances. A great experience for all involved.

Bob said...

I'm with you on this one. I hope Kimberly's correct that most people know how to behave but I'm beginning to wonder. My biggest pet peeve in this regard is people on their stupid cell phones (texting and of course checking social media)! But the up-and-downers drive me bonkers too.

Susan said...

How delightful to have such talent close-by! I wish I could say the same for our local high school drama club, but I just can't. Some of the problem is that the material is too complicated, but I think that there just isn't a lot of interest in the local youth to do something that doesn't involve your thumbs and a small screen. I totally agree - that woman was the epitome of rudeness - she should have chosen an aisle seat!

Ed said...

Pumpkin Delight - I gave up on regular movie theaters almost a decade ago. Seeing the glow of smart phone screens or even worse, their bright light shining directly at me ruined the whole experience. The few times I've been to the theater since has always been for the girls to see a movie where I'm not that interested. Otherwise, we just watch them at home anymore.

Bob - The only other people to pass by us were before the show or during the intermission. This lady was the only one who couldn't seem to stay put during the show. Yes cell phones are horrible, see my comment to Pumpkin Delight.

Susan - I have not seen anything stellar through the school system either. These are all outside of school so only the truly dedicated try out and it shows in the quality of their productions.