Friday, August 18, 2017

Where Dreams Are Made

It's funny sometimes how we lose appreciation for things. Years ago when riding Ragbrai (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), we were in a theater in some little town along the route cooling off and taking in a movie. It just so happened that Field of Dreams was playing and when they got to the line, "Is this heaven? No it's Iowa." the roof of that theater almost lifted off from the volume of the cheers. It was a moment that has stuck with me all these years.

Now nearly thirty years later, on our trip to Dyersville, my wife wanted to stop by the movie site for that movie and see the ball field. I admit I was reluctant since it really had no value to me other than being in the movie but we made the trip over there and I guess I wasn't disappointed. It was a beautiful day and even though it was in the middle of the week, there were still a couple dozen people poking around the site and even a few that were playing catch with their sons just like in the movie. Thirty years later and the movie still has a lot of power over others.

We walked around the ball diamond, took the obligatory photos of all of us coming out of the cornfield in the outfield as in the movie and ate a picnic snack of sorts underneath some shade trees near the house and also in the movie. I read about the storied and somewhat checkered past of the field and the owners of the land. Even as recent as two years ago there has been attempts to change the surrounding area to cash in on the power of that movie.

At the end of the day, there isn't a lot to do at the site other than reminence scenes of the movie. There is a defunct gift shop just off left field (leftover from owner feuds of yesteryear)  and another in the driveway of the house from the movie. It wasn't a walk in shop and there was a long line standing there in the blazing sun waiting so I never went over to check it out.

A couple evenings later when we were home again, I rented the movie online and we watched it again, me for the umpteenth time and others for the first time. I must say, it was a masterfully done movie and still holds up all these years later.


Kelly said...

I don't think I've seen that movie but one time, and I don't remember it being in a theatre, so it must have been a Blockbuster rental. I do remember liking it at the time, though.

It looks like you had a beautiful day for a visit there.

Bob said...

Love that movie and have seen it a number of times. If I understand you correctly, the site has not become a big tourist attraction, even though many stop by to see it. I love that, and I would definitely stop by if I were in the area. A couple of years ago when I was in Cleveland, I went to see the house from the movie "A Christmas Story." Unlike the true "Field of Dreams," they have cashed in. The house is in an old residential section and an entire city block is taken up with a gift shop and museum adjacent to it, and there are paid tours of the house. Hoaky as hell -- and folks were there in droves. (I passed on the tour).

Ed said...

Kelly - It was a bit on the warm side in the sun but not too bad stationary in the shade!

Bob - It is free admission to drive in and walk around the parking lot. I think they offered paid tours of the farmhouse but since it really wasn't prominent to the story, we declined that part. Good to know about the "Christmas Story" house. Like the "Field of Dreams" site, I probably won't every stop by unless I'm in the neighborhood. I would rather visit a site with historical significance than Hollywood significance.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

I've never seen the movie, but your pictures are beautiful. Looks like a beautiful day! I'd imagine for baseball fans and fans of the movie alike, the site would be a fun one.