Monday, August 21, 2017

Using Leftovers

Believe it or not, I dug all those pavers used above out of the ditch on the other side of our driveway when I was doing that project. I thought it was a shame to let someone else's hard earned money that they paid for those things to go to waste so I built a little planting bed around the mailbox and near my reinforced entrance to the culvert that goes under my driveway. It is just way too dry to actually plant anything there but perhaps next year things will be different.

As you can see, the invasive grass along the road still has some green to it while the grass on the rest of our lawn looks like that in the lower left part of the picture above. Since our street for 100 yards or so drains down into our yard (and through my recently repaired culvert entrance) due to no curbs, we get a lot of seeds of various sorts from up the hill. My neighbor, a multi-millionaire, pays lots of money for some gardeners to spray, pull and eradicate those weeds. I have adopted a live and let live policy with mine.


Susan said...

That's a very healthy attitude to have with weeds. They are often the only thing that flourishes in my garden.

Kelly said...

I like how that looks! Sometimes it's nice to just have something green growing... weed, or not.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Looks great! And what a good way to use up the materials.
All of our grass is brown this time of year with as hot as it gets. Every year I think,"Oh, it's a goner this time." And then in December/January it has greened up again.

Ed said...

Susan - It's also a touch of frugalness and laziness too!

Kelly - Thank you! Especially since I didn't put a lot of mental thought or planning into it!

Pumpkin Delight - Our grass always comes back as well... unfortunately!