Wednesday, April 26, 2017


I've blogged about it several times over the years and as recently as a couple months ago, that I don't have any childhood pictures of myself. My mom had a lot but most were destroyed by a roof leak in the storage building where they were being stored. I've seen just a few over the years that survived but they are stored safely in the bottom of a cedar chest inside the house now and it is hard to access them without spending a half hour removing everything above so they remain there for the most part unseen.

When my grandparents were getting rid of possessions in preparation for a move to Iowa over Christmas, I jumped at the chance to digitize their home movies and slides. However as I later learned, the movies were all before I was born and the slides were all of my childhood years from ages 10 to teens. There weren't any pictures of me before age 10... or so I thought at the time.

A couple weeks ago on a visit to my grandparents, we finally got back into a corner that held two large moving boxes. "What's in those Grandma?"

"Pictures," she replied.

"Only pictures" I asked?

"They are packed full of pictures. Do you want to digitize those as well?"

Maybe a minute passed before I was lugging those two boxes down the hall to my car. Later before I left, we found three more shoe boxes full of pictures.These last two weeks I have been going through the boxes full of loose pictures trying to contain myself by not peaking ahead at what the albums contain. I've been scanning all the family related ones and a few of this and that that mean something to me. The majority of them I don't scan because they are mostly of my grandparents on vacation doing this or that. But I've already scanned probably around 500 or so keepers and I haven't even made it to the large packing boxes!

I have found lots of pictures of my childhood from aged 5 on up but not too many of the early years yet. The picture above was the one exception to that thus far and I just found it last night as I write this blog post. It shows my great grandparents whom I named my daughters after and the date on the bottom (which I erased for anonymity reasons) was dated about two weeks after I was born. No doubt, I am that baby. I'm pretty sure the background is the farm where my parent's lived, given to them by my grandparents after they were married, but I will have to ask my grandparents for sure the next time I visit. It will certainly be a picture that I treasure.


Kelly said...

What a great find! Maybe you'll come across more from your earliest years.

I use to moan that there weren't many of me, not because they were lost, but because they just weren't taken. There were many of my sister because she was born while my dad was in the south Pacific during WWII and they wanted pictures to show him. Dozens of my oldest brother because my dad was back home taking the photos. The younger of my brothers was chronicled with both photos AND home movies. I was the fourth child. I didn't even rate a baby book. Enough said.

sage said...

As the first born and the first grandchild (and first great-grandchild) on my father's side, there are a lot of photos of me being held by one grandparent or another. I am glad you found one of you as a infant. Such photos reminds us that we're just human and take us back to when the world is ahead of us... We all start out the same.

Ed said...

Kelly - I've noticed a similar phenomenon among these photos as well. There are lots of photos of me and my mom but very few of my younger uncle and younger brother.

Sage - I really like the generational photos.

Vince said...

I've noticed the lapse in the younger ones in my mothers family too. And I too was putting it down to the 'so what, we've seen that with the 1st 2nd and 3rd. Why do we need another'. But I think the issue might be a bit different. Where the distance between kids is a few years, where there isn't two babies. Three years or more, the flow of images keep going. Also, I think you have the fall off in imcome.
Great you have the image of your ancestors, with you. You might want to think about getting a silver pencil and write in who's who in them. Inks might degrade the image, and who knows what in graphite these days.

Ed said...

Vince - Part of the deal with my grandparents by scanning them now before I inherit them is that they help me label who is who on them for future generations.