Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sunrise, sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes

Sunrise on Day One

I'm back from the deep south. Due to declining health, we opted this year to rent a place about 10 miles down the road from where my grandparents live so that they wouldn't have to drive the eight hours it took to get to where we've been meeting them on the Gulf Coast the last six years. It meant more driving on our part but this is perhaps the last time we will have to do it. They are finally considering moving back home this spring. I may have to make a solo trip down to help facilitate the move but Christmas vacation may be a lot closer from now on.

Our rental was on the west shore of a large lake so we had excellent sunrise viewing and I took full advantage of it. Two of the days we were up and gone before sunrise so I only got three opportunities to photograph them. Where I live now, completely surrounded by trees, I don't get to see either sunrises or sunsets so I guess when I do get to see them, I am full of awe. The same thing happens when I go to the farm at night and actually see stars and the Milky Way instead of the glow of town.

Sunrise on Day Two
 We did our normal things. We played a lot of cards, went for walks and just lounged around and enjoyed each other's company. With my brother's family, our parents and grandparents there were lots of people to talk with. This year my uncle joined us for the first time so instead of our normal baker's dozen, we were fourteen.

I was able to pick up my grandparents old 8 mm video and slides for digitization and I'm chomping at the bit to dig into that project. The 8 mm I will have to hire out to a professional company in the urban jungle that does that sort of thing. The slides I can and will do on my own but first, I have to finish the last eight trays of slides from my parents to get that part over and done with. I'm hoping by early spring I can start in on my grandparents slides and I hope to get the ball rolling on the 8 mm stuff much sooner.

Sunrise on Day Three


Bill said...

Beautiful photos. There's not much I miss about living in Florida, but the sunsets over the Gulf were pretty amazing.

Many years ago I had all of our old family super-8 movies transferred to VHS videotape. Now they're useless again. Thanks for the reminder that I need to look into have them digitized.

All best wishes for a very happy New Year!

Ed said...

Bill - I converted all my VHS tapes a handful of years ago and it is simple to do by yourself if you have a working VCR and a computer. They make adapters that connect the two together and a software does the conversion. I think mine was literally called "VHS to Tape" and I bought it on Amazon for a few dollars. It worked great.

I definitely don't have a lot of fondness for Florida. The traffic just kills me every time I go there.

Kelly said...

Beautiful skies! While I love both, I normally prefer a sunrise to a sunset (and I'm not sure why).

My husband still has some of their 8mm film on his closet shelf, but one of my brothers had all of ours converted to DVD awhile back. I think it made 3 disks, but as the fourth child, I'm only on the last one. (which is the most important, of course) :)

Bob said...

Yes great shots and sounds like you had a great time. Definitely worth the drive to be with family.

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Wow! Those are beautiful shots and it looks like you had some decent fireplace freezing there?!?! :)
I've never been to the Gulf Coast, but the pictures look lovely. It will be nice to have the family closer for the holidays as travel during that time can be difficult, but I bet you will miss the warmer weather for that time.

Ed said...

Kelly - I do too. I've always thought that was because my mind was fresh and the world was calm in the morning. By the evening, everyone is about and I'm worn out.

Bob - It is worth the drive, especially when you know time is fleeting and there might not be another chance.

Pumpkin Delight - It was cold there by Floridian standards. It got down to 40F one morning. Everyone was bundled in their parkas while us Iowegians were in our light weight fleece. The gulf coast is okay but it is built up heavily all along it. I haven't spent as much time at the other two coasts but I'm guessing they are similar as well.