Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tree Destroying Dog

Ted in 1988

I refer to Ted now and then on this blog. He was my first and only dog but that is a bit simplistic. We had several dogs at one point, a couple that were inherited after my grandfather's death. However, Ted was the only dog to have lived solely at our farm. Although he was a family dog, I always thought of him as mine because I named him and I was at that age where boys really love to have a pet dog when he came into our lives as a dumped stray. My parents nor I have ever gotten another dog since Ted's death so many years ago.

I was scanning some of my parents slides in and came across this picture which sparks a memory of a story. We were out hiking in the woods as a family and saw a mouse scurry up a nearby dead tree and disappear down a crack in the rotten log. The tree was still "standing" at an angle though it was laid over and the top was resting in another nearby tree. Ted saw that mouse too and ran right up that tree and started digging at the rotten wood with his paws with all his might.

We stopped and watched thinking he would give it up after awhile but Ted kept on digging into that tree until it finally collapsed onto the ground. It's been so long ago that I don't remember if he got the mouse but if I had to guess I would say no. I'm guessing we finally pulled him away by his leash and he left disappointed.

When Ted ended up dying a few years later, his claws on his fore paws were worn down to nubs and I'm sure incidents like this one sure played a role.


Kelly said...

I love this story (you knew I would) and I I love the photo. Ted looks like my kind of dog.

Feel free to share other pictures of him you might have run across. I always enjoy dog pics. :)

Ed said...

Kelly - You're in luck. There was another picture that I'll have up on Friday!

sage said...

Great story and photo. Sadly our pets are gone too soon

Ed said...

Sage - They are and Ted sooner than most.

Vince said...

It's part of the deal that they go before us, mostly. Hard indeed.