Friday, December 9, 2016

Branch Destroying Dog

Ted in 1988
Ted was a golden retriever - yellow lab mix of some sort. He was a stray so we never knew for sure his genetic makeup other than having compared him visually to other dogs. His retriever instincts however were strong and I spent many an hour playing fetch with him both on land and in water.

Whenever we came back from vacations, Ted always got super excited. On a side note, he was always fat too when we came back. This was back in the day before portable digital cameras with motion detectors but I'm pretty sure whenever we left, Ted just sat around his food bowl and boredom ate until we returned. But back to the story at hand.

Ted was always super excited to see us and as our car down the driveway, he would pick up the nearest thing at hand and proudly carry it around to show us how excited he was. Sometimes this was a stray glove, a bucket and once even a blade of grass. However, most of the time it was usually a stick that had fallen from one of the trees. In this particular case, it was a large branch that had fallen from the tree.

All the fetching and proud displays of his happiness played a number on Ted's teeth over the years. By the end of his life, the back teeth were so worn that you could stick a thin stick through his closed mouth and wiggle it around. Dogs are so open with their happiness of a returning person they loved. I wish my daughters were the same way. I'm lucky to get a "Hi dad" some days.


Kelly said...

Such a pretty dog!! His coat looked slicker and he had more of a "hound" look in last time's post, but I can definitely see the Golden in him here. I always like speculating what breeds lurk in all our strays.

That's one of the best traits of a dog.. that unconditional love. It's one reason I cannot comprehend how anyone can abuse them. I still believe there's a special place in hell for people that dump/mistreat dogs (or children or old people, for that matter).

I'm sure seeing these photos has brought back such fond memories for you.

Ed said...

Kelly - He had such huge paws I always wondered if there might be a touch of hound in him.

Kelly said...

Oh, I've seen some Goldens with mighty big paws. Our Blue girl looks like a cross between a Black Lab and a Golden and she has the biggest paws in our pack. Based on today's post, I'd say you're spot on with the Golden/Yellow Lab thought.

Bill said...

This makes me smile. Brings pleasant memories of our black lab Ginny. She loved going for walks and in her excitement always picked up something to carry along, whatever was closest, usually a stick but sometimes a large branch like that.

When I see a happy dog I see pure joy.

Ed said...

Bill - Labradors make such good pets. I've never met anyone that had one that didn't have lots of great memories!

Bob said...

Great Ted stories. You are so right about how glad they are to see us after an absence. Even when I would come home from work at night, Ralph, our little terrier-mix humane society rescue, would meet me at the door wagging his tail and jumping. And until just a few days before he left us he would still meet me at the front door for his morning walk.

On the other hand, they can also show their displeasure. We would have to board him when we traveled, and when I would go pick him up and the kennel employee would bring him out, he would walk by me as if to say, "Oh, you decided to come back?"

Ed said...

Bob - Reminds me of a cat that my mom had. Whenever we were packing up to leave, that darn cat would start peeing in shoes or bags to show us her displeasure. We had to pack bags behind closed doors and hide them in closets until we were ready to go!