Tuesday, November 8, 2016

She Won't Be the First American Female President

American presidential elections are marathons compared to other countries. When you live in the state with the first in the nation Caucus, it can be especially brutal. Candidates for the next presidential cycle often show up 24 to 30 months ahead of the November vote. This isn't too bad because it is often announced in the television and newspapers so paying attention is not mandatory. However, about three months before the caucus or about a year before the actual vote for president, they take to the phones. The next six months are bliss as the candidates vie for the nomination in the other 49 states and then come three months before the election, all  hell breaks loose with the telephones again. In the depth of the caucus or presidential election, those of us with landlines get about 6 to 8 political robocalls a day polling or urging us to vote for someone. If you call my landline during those months, you can expect me not to pick up. Now that the election is over, I have 18 months, 24 if I'm lucky, before all this starts over again.

I did my civic duty and voted this morning. However, I will never encourage anyone to vote. I am perfectly happy to live in a country where those who care take the time to vote. Those who don't care enough to either vote or pick up an absentee ballot are doing the right thing by staying home. In my precinct, it felt like an average election but I tend to vote mid morning after the school parents get done and it is mostly just those that are retired. I think if Trump stands a chance (I didn't vote for either him or Clinton), those people will hit the polls from 4 until they close here at 9. Looking at the electoral college map, it looks like it is Clinton's to lose. Although I don't like her in many ways, I think that if she wins, it will probably be the best thing for the Republican party of which I am tentatively a member. Hopefully they will lick their wounds and spend the next four years regrouping and becoming a more inclusive party. Unless something radically changes, Congress and a President Clinton will be gridlock for the next four years anyway so there probably won't be any earth rattling legislation to worry about. It will be sad to lose a conservative Supreme court but I would be happy with a liberal one if they picked someone who wouldn't legislate from the bench. I'm not holding my breath on that one. If Trump somehow wins, I'm worried that the party will fracture into several factions and the next couple decades will be a decidedly liberal one, assuming we don't go bankrupt or fall apart as a nation first.

Finally, if elected, Hillary won't be the first American female president. That honor falls to Janet Jagan pictured up at the top of this post. So unless you specify which country, you are wrong.


Kelly said...

I think you're probably right about her facing gridlock in Congress when it comes to many of her policy changes. I get sick of all the partisanship, but then again... I cringe when I think about some of the things she wants to do! (and that's just fiscally - not even getting into some of the social issues!) As for the Supreme Court - I'm beginning to think Justice can't truly present a blind eye and interpret law in a non-subjective manner.

Ha - I've always wondered if other countries in the Americas bristle at the US using that term rather exclusively.

Ed said...

Kelly - I wouldn't have guessed that an American, male or female could be president of another country. However, watching an election special Adam Ruins the Election or something similar last night mentioned that. I just couldn't pass it up.

As for the Supreme Court justices, I know you are right. I guess I just want all Supreme Court Justices to rule how I would rule!

Kelly said...

Well I had to go back and read that wiki entry more closely. At a glance, I thought she was just a woman president of a country in South America, but she was actually a US citizen. Very interesting!

Bob said...

This Election Day conjures up myriad mixed emotions for me. I'm proud to live in a country where we can go cast a vote in an orderly, civilized way and that vote really means something. I'm also a bit nostalgic as I think on elections past and the fun I always had discussing them with my dad.

Like so many this year, I'm incredibly frustrated by the choice we had and like you, Ed, I voted for neither of them. There are those say I wasted my vote or simply helped one of the two main candidates get elected. I say I followed my conscience.

Ed said...

Kelly - It is kind of subtle that she is an American citizen president of a foreign country. Imagine the uproar if a Guyana woman was president of this country. The whole birther movement for Barack would seem like child's play!

Bob - My daughter was upset this morning that Donald Trump won so we had a long talk about how the sun will still rise and that even with Donald Trump as president, I would still rather live here than most other countries. I was told many times I wasted my vote but my response has always been that by voting for someone with whom I disagree with the majority of the time is wasting my vote.

Ed said...

To all - Well Donald Trump won. I guess I suspected it might happen soon after the elections results started trickling in and Hillary was winning by the same margins as Barack did. I gave up around 11:30 and went to bed but at that time, I was pretty sure Trump would be president.

I can't help but feel a little smug towards some of my liberal friends (who are still my friends) that kept posting all these Facebook memes about the parties they were going to be having today when Hillary won. I try never to count my chickens before they hatch so I hope my liberal friends have learned a valuable lesson. For some reason, I don't have any conservative friends on Facebook that are in your face about their political leanings. Most of them are like me, tend to keep their political beliefs to themselves unless asked. I'm not sure where the future will take us with Donald Trump at the helm but I do suspect he will be entertaining and will probably be the subject of more than a few blog posts.

I'm happy it is over!