Friday, November 4, 2016


Found this clump of mushrooms next to three other clumps around a rotted tree stump. I wish I knew mushroom identification because I could only wish to throw those in a hot skillet with some other veggies and saute them for supper. Instead, I left them to do their thing of helping the old stump decay.


Kelly said...

I think that's interesting how they're all clumped up together like that. I wonder if "they" are actually an "it", sharing the same root system (or whatever you call it in fungi). It makes me think a little of the "hen of the woods" mushrooms I've seen on cooking programs. Or at least I think that's the variety. It's one that's all together like that and they always chop them up to saute.

I saw some on my walk this morning and was surprised since we've had little to no measurable rain in a couple of months (after an incredibly wet August).

Ed said...

Kelly - I'm guessing they are all the same plant. I've read where some mushroom species can have root systems larger than a football field so one tree stump is plausible.