Friday, October 7, 2016

Harvest: Part Two

Typical fall site, sky and fields of corn

I'm still alive and kicking but have been harvesting nonstop until Yesterday and today. Today the rains will probably keep us out of the field until perhaps noon. Yesterday they kept us out all day but that doesn't mean we didn't work. I spent all day converting a barn find 3020 John Deere tractor to 12V from it's factory 24V system and making it run again. The original 24V system was prone to dash fires which is why they went away from that system and made conversion kits. I might have finished it but we got the wrong fuel lines and had to reorder them.

At night, my dreams are filled with this scene, endless rows of corn.

My mom is doing great. She has 22 of 34 treatments under her belt and still feels normal except for the loss of her hair. She did a preemptive strike and shaved off her hair like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane and totally rocks the do. Still every time I hug her she still feels fragile to me. I guess it is part of the process of learning to live with the fact that even the strongest among us eventually die. But she isn't gone yet by any means. In fact, her mid way MRI showed no signs of tumor and the cavity where the original tumor was is collapsing which is another sign that the tumor has left. Although there is no cure, we still hope that she might beat the odds. It is also put us in the position where we have met dozens of people living many years with Glioblastoma, which is what Mom's cancer will eventually morph into.

Loads of grain

Out of the 1000+ acres of corn we started with, as of this writing we are down to only 230 acres left. The end feels closer. We still have 1000+ acres of soybeans left to harvest but we have hired a custom harvester to help us. With his three combines and our one, we should rip through the soybeans in less than a week, good weather provided. I'm hoping with two more weeks of good weather, we can be done with harvest and focus on two things that matter most, Mom and fall dirt work!

Looking back at the family farm


Kelly said...

This post has a positive feel to it all around! Love all the photos, too. God is good.

Bob said...

What Kelly said with a BIG Amen!

Sutarno Ijoasri said...

River and water is very vital think in this proses, great farmer