Friday, October 28, 2016

Break Time

The afternoon we finished harvesting soybeans, my Dad and brother said they were going to get things switched over so we could start corn the following morning and gave me the rest of the afternoon off. I got home in time to take my daughter to her Girl Scout meeting in the park and since it was such a beautiful day, I elected to find a bench along the old river channel and catch up on some reading. Instead, I found myself admiring the scenery across the channel more than I read.

Unfortunately, all I had was my cellphone with me which although it takes great pictures, it doesn't handle zooming very well. On my side of the river, there were lots of distractions to shoot around. On the opposite side of the channel behind all those trees is a business area of town and not so attractive. I tried zooming in to get a nicely composed picture that didn't have my side distractions or the other side ugliness and get a pixelized picture in return. I would have been better off trying to focus on the area I desired, take a overall shop and crop it later. Even better, I would have taken the shot using my SLR back home.

Such is life. It was incredibly relaxing and helped my body to charge up for the last push to get the corn harvested.


Kelly said...

I find there are times a cellphone camera is just the right thing. These are both lovely (especially the first) and I find them quite serene.

Yay Girl Scouts!

Bob said...

I think this was a well deserved break for you and those are some beautiful shots.

Ed said...

Kelly - I take a lot more pictures with my phone than with my SLR just because I have my phone in my pocket almost all the time!

Bob - Thanks! It definitely was a beautiful day and we seem to have gotten more than our fair share this fall. Here it is nearly November and it was 80 degrees on Friday!