Friday, September 2, 2016


I don't use my SLR nearly as often as I should because it takes great pictures. But it just isn't convenient to lug around and certainly doesn't fit in my pocket like my cellphone camera does. On a recent hike, more on that in another post, I did bring my SLR along and was surprised to find that it contained almost 60 pictures that I had never downloaded. So here is the first of a few posts, catching up on things that I thought worthy to photograph but never got around to blogging about.

Last year, we had two hen turkeys raise about twenty young between them. This year, most of the young are gone but a couple of new tom turkey's have been roaming about with about a half dozen hens. I'm sure all are from last year's brood. I've been trying to take a picture of one of the tom's when his feathers are displayed but have only gotten fuzzy pictures thus far. Still, every once in awhile I do get a fairly sharp picture of one of the turkeys like the photo above.

Ignoring the smudge in the lower left corner that is my deck railing that I'm trying to barely shoot a picture over, here is one of an easily spooked doe. Last year she raised one fawn and this year she had two more.

The does twin fawns as seen earlier this year. Currently their spots have just about faded completely away and they are quite a bit bigger.

You can't really tell but there is a deer path that the twin fawns are heading down that is about five feet wife and beaten down to a hard pavement like consistency heading onto my neighbor's property. It gets well used.

We don't see many rabbits around mostly because we have a pretty good hawk population flying around at any given time. Still, they are out there.

Also not photographed is the local fox that lives down in the ditch below our house. I've seen her a few times this year but never with my camera and never for more than a second or two at a time. I would love to get a photograph of her or the local bobcat that lives up the street aways. I've never seen that one but have seen a photograph that my neighbor took with a huge lens that I couldn't justify or probably even afford.


Kelly said...

I love wildlife photos and these are great! We use to have two particular dogs that kept the bunny population down in our yard - and woe to any rabbit that got inside the fence since we had a beagle mix and a rottweiler that loved catching them. Most of our current pack prefer squirrels.

What kind of fox? I remembering seeing a red fox once when I was sitting in a deer stand.

Ed said...

Kelly - I've only seen red foxes around here and I'm not sure if we have other kinds than that. Foxes are rarely seen, at least by me, so it is a real treat whenever I do see one.

Bob said...

Your wildlife is similar to what we have - deer, turkeys, rabbits and the occasional fox. We also have coyotes that look just like German Shepherd to me.

sage said...

Great shots. When I was on Cumberland Island two weeks ago, saw a whole family of turkeys walk by. They also seemed to like to hang out with the wild horses on the island. I'll have to post about it.