Monday, September 26, 2016

The South Still Lives In the North

Saw this sign on the way to a birthday party we were attending. I see stuff like that and I immediately wonder the story behind it. For someone to go to the effort of painting those words on the side of a small shack along the gravel back road we were on, it must have been something really important to them. It makes me want to sit down with whomever and interview them. Perhaps I should have been a reporter of some kind.


Vince said...

Oddly enough it has been the Southern banks that has come out of the late insanity far better than the Northern ones. And if defaulters are being hit it's due to the liquid southern banks clearing out their balance sheets.

Bob said...

I'm guessing someone didn't pay their mortgage and was not happy with the end result.

Kelly said...

Ha! This made me laugh (though I'm sure it's no laughing matter to the person who put it there).