Friday, September 30, 2016

Signs of the Times

I've been feeling something missing in my life for many weeks and couldn't put the finger on it until my wife figured it out this weekend on our way to church. We saw only one political sign in a yard the entire way when at this time of year, I would expect to see hundreds of them on the same route.

My first thought was that since we have selected the two most unpopular candidates in history, according to some polls, it is no wonder people have not put out signs. However, after a little more pondering of the subject, I wonder if it isn't a sign of the times. Have old fashioned signs in yards been deemed unhelpful in persuading people? Had Tweets, Instagram and Facebook political opinion posts made signs obsolete? I suspect that both play a part and maybe the latter plays the larger part. Any thoughts from my readers?

Along those lines, I have pretty much made up my mind on who I am going to vote for in a handful of weeks and got online to see if I could find a Johnson/Weld sign from the Libertarian party that I could stick in my yard. I've never had a sign in my yard before because for the most part I've voted the lesser of two evils or for the Constitution party which barely makes the polling boards. This time however, I don't feel I will be voting for the lesser of evils, though I don't completely agree with the Libertarian platform, and the Libertarian party has been steadily increasing in the polls to where they might play a significant part in this election.

I figured there would be some official site where I could request one for free and someone from a local office would drop it by. However, all I could find is some on the official site that I had to buy in packs and pay for the cost of the signs plus shipping. I suppose because they are considered a fringe party, they don't get much cash support to do things like that and I only wanted one sign and not a pack. Other sites had single signs but they didn't appear to give any of the money towards Johnson and Weld. So I guess I will be like everyone else this political season and just abstain from a sign in my yard. Maybe I need to figure out how to Tweet or Instagram like everybody else.


Kelly said...

I hate political signs and have to wonder if there has ever been a time in history that a sign swayed a person to vote for that candidate! I've yet to see a presidential race sign, but the local ones have sprouted up like mushrooms, all over town. Most are in those 'free zones' rather than individual yards, though.

I'm with you on voting for Gary Johnson. While I don't have anything Johnson/Weld, I love t-shirts and got myself a couple representing the Libertarian Party (so I can continue to wear them in future years). I don't agree with all he says, either... but the parts I do agree with make perfect sense. I can vote for him and still live with my conscience.

No FB or Instagram for me, but I do enjoy Twitter and have done my share of tweeting about the Libertarian Party.

Bob said...

Come to think of it, I've not seen many political signs either. I consider that a very good thing. I'm still intending to sit this one out. I'll vote in some down-ballot races but as for POTUS, it's none of the above and my conscience is clear.