Monday, September 12, 2016

Good Fences

Long term readers will know that I've been scanning thousands (3000+ at last count) of slides into digital format for my parents over the last five or six year, even I have lost count. I sometime go for weeks or even months between sessions but this last time, it was almost a year since the last time I scanned anything. A lot of that has to do with my winter project being an office remodel which makes it hard to do such work not to mention, a project like scanning is mostly done during the winter when I have no other projects going.

However, with my mom's diagnosis and many many boxes of slides yet to touch, I felt the urge to do some more scanning whenever I get a chance. I don't know where these photos were taken but they were taken somewhere along the northern tier of states while my parents were riding across America for the third of four times. It reminded me of the adage "good fences make good neighbors" because someone really went all out to create this fence. I would think the labor wouldn't justify the longevity because eventually the wire will rust out as well. I have put in hedge posts that have lasted almost as long as the wire did, especially with animals involved.


Vince said...

Those posts smack of corp of engineers, or a very wealthy big city shot out playing with a country estate.
The only other reason why a farmer would install such posts would be if they got them dirt cheap, or even better to take away for free. Farmers are the same the world over.
Hmm, what about an Indian Reservation, or even a National Park.

BTW, you are dialing in a bit too much magenta.

Kelly said...

Very nice... I liked barbed wire fences.

There's actually a photo meme out there called 'Good Fences'. A couple of blogs I read contribute.

Ed said...

Vince - I'm guessing these were up in southern Canada or perhaps NW Montana judging from their position in my parents slide tray. My farmer parents I'm sure got a kick out of them which is why they took the photo. As for the photos, I'm a purist and don't alter any of my photographs other than using cropping. So these were just scanned from my parents slides and uploaded without any altering.

Kelly - Growing up on a farm, I know they are sometimes proud people and like to show off here and there if they can. I'm sure these were only along the road and not on the back part of the field!