Monday, August 8, 2016

Mini Project

Excuse the signs being in the wrong order but here is a quick project I recently finished up. I made a pair of sandwich boards from scraps in my garage and some chalkboard paint that I donated for one of the organizations I am involved with. When I went to the store to get the chalkboard paint, I had a choice of green or black, neither of which really appealed to me. I asked if anyplace in town sold this kind of paint thinking they might have different colors when the owner said he also had tintable chalkboard paint in the storage room of the store. It cost $5 more but heck, I thought it was worth it to get something that popped just a little bit more.

The middle part is made out of MDF and the edging made from pine 2x4's ripped down to size. I put a dado in them and mitered the corners before giving everything a good coat of primer and putting a couple coats of some leftover exterior white paint on the edging. I then taped up the edging and painted the four outward facing sides with the blue chalkboard paint. I wrote the "Meeting Tonight" on them to demonstrate that they were chalkboards when presenting them to the organization.

My daughters really loved them and I think the next time I do some painting, I may have to turn a wall of their rooms into giant chalkboards and turn them loose with some sidewalk chalk. I bet I wouldn't see them for days.


sage said...

My daughter loved having a wall of chalkboard paint when we lived in Michigan (she's outgrown that here). Nice work.

Kelly said...

These look great and I like the blue.

I hope you do the bedroom wall for your girls - they'll have so much fun. Heck, I would still have fun with something like that! (I really must do a post about my bedroom wall when I was a teenager)

Bob said...

Yes, definitely you should do the chalkboard wall. Easy to change when they outgrow it (and easy for me to say!). Great to see you doing projects again!

warren said...

I keep thinking I should do something with a chalkboard in my house but I haven't decided what yet. It's cool that it can be tinted though...that opens options! This looks sharp!

Ed said...

I like the thought of a chalkboard wall in the house but I cringe at all the chalk dust. I think I would rather have a large whiteboard wall but I'm not sure if that is doable yet.