Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Writing On the Wall

As I have written about before, the Bridges of Madison county have painted a portion of each of their six covered bridges white to allow graffiti to happen in hopes of discouraging people from writing on the bare wood sections. People are ignorant and assholes and still write everywhere but those who are respectful of these bridges and treasure them, limit themselves to the white washed areas that get repainted periodically.

I have visited the bridges many times over the years despite never having seen the movie or read the book about them. I keep coming back because I am fascinated with the graffiti. If you look back in my archives, I probably have a dozen posts on this subject alone. I've always regretted not bringing a marker along to leave "my mark" but this time I remembered and brought a handful to pass out among my extended family. They had a blast leaving messages for others to read.

I left a few of my own but for the most part I walked along taking pictures of the messages others felt important enough to write down. Most are dull and expected but here and there something grabs my attention. This post is a collection of those images.

This last one is my youngest daughter's attempt at leaving her mark and she chose the railing out front. I really liked the fact that she even drew a stick figure.


Bob said...

"People are ignorant and assholes and still write everywhere . . ." Don't hold back, Ed. Tell us how you really feel!😀
Seriously, this is great. You often hear, "If these walls could talk . . ." Well these bridges do! Great stories!

Kelly said...

I still think this is the neatest idea! A shame that there are still jerks that vandalize, despite being provided this alternative. Then again...I guess I'm not surprised when I think about some of the things I've seen that have taken place in some of the National Parks in recent years. There are plenty of idiots amongst us (and I'm sure I fall into that category at times).

I may have to dig back and look for some of your other posts with photos like this.

Ed said...

Bob - I'm not sure how much of it was before they started painting parts white and how much is recent but I still see some fresh ones whenever I go. While I find some messages interesting, the most are not something I would want people 20 years from now reading.

Kelly - I remember going to Yellowstone and seeing algae that takes 10 years to grow and inch and seeing initials scraped into it despite numerous signs warning people, begging people not too. Sometimes I wish there were snipers with rifles ready for stuff like that. And so you don't have to dig to far:

I have four more posts but when I clicked on them the pictures no longer are linked. Not sure why other than they were more than five years ago.

Kelly said...

Thanks! I found that first one on my own, but didn't see the second one. Now I can quit searching (though you have some great posts in the archives.... I could waste plenty of time looking back).

I think one of the most poignant was in the second post about the ashes having been spread and she would join him soon.