Friday, July 22, 2016

Doesn't Take Shit From Anyone

Smack dab in the middle of our tour of the Bridges of Madison County is the town of Winterset and the birthplace of John Wayne. We have always stopped to visit the gift shop/museum in the neighboring house to enjoy the air conditioning and to look at the John Wayne memorabilia part way through our bridges tour. You couldn't beat the price since it was free though it costs money to actually go in the house which I have never done.

Since our last visit, they razed several other nearby houses and built a gift shop/museum and tore down the old one. They promised lots more memorabilia so I was looking forward to visiting it. However once we got inside, we saw the gift shop had been reduced to a tiny fraction of what the old gift shop used to sell though it now took up about ten times the space which was nice since you could now move freely about. However, all the memorabilia had been moved behind closed doors and they were charging $15 per person to see it. Seeing that I was with 9 other people who really could care less about John Wayne, I couldn't see paying $150 to go into the museum. I was disappointed to say the least and since I am almost always with people, I will probably never stop back unless I come with some John Wayne enthusiasts. Sadly, I found out that many other free museums and such that I frequent are disappearing fast but more on that in later posts.

We walked around the gift shop until everyone had cooled off from the hot muggy weather outside and then we walked over to his house and took the obligatory pictures in front with the sign and got on the road to see the remaining Bridges of Madison county. We were happy and it still didn't cost us a dime.

[A word of explanation on the title of this post: A guy walks into the store to buy some toilet paper and the clerk showed him some Charmin toilet paper 4-roll pack for $10. The guy wanted something cheaper so the clerk showed him some cheaper stuff that came in an 8-pack for $10. Still wanting cheaper toilet paper, the clerk showed him the generic stuff that came in a 16-pack for only $5. The guy paid, took his toilet paper and went home. The next day he returned to the store and told the clerk that the toilet paper must be John Wayne toilet paper. The clerk puzzled asked him why. The fellow said it was rough and tough and (see post title).


Kelly said...

Ahahah...I've never heard that one. :D (moral to that story is don't skimp on TP)

A shame that you have to pay to get in the museum, but I guess many smaller places like that have to charge to be able to stay afloat.

My husband always enjoys John Wayne movies until he remembers that JW stayed home making films while many of his contemporaries (such as Jimmy Stewart) were off serving in WWII.

Ed said...

Kelly - I've always liked that joke because whenever I tell it, most have never heard it. However, I guess posting on a blog probably isn't a good way to keep it that way.

I think they were always able to stay afloat because the previous place was a tiny house the same size as John Wayne's birth home. Now that they have this huge modern building, it comes with huge modern costs, unfortunately.

Kelly said...

Here's one of my favorite jokes:

A nurse walks into a bank to cash a check. Preparing to endorse it, she reaches into her pocket and looks confused for a moment as she pulls out a rectal thermometer. Shaking her head in exasperation, she looks at the teller and says, "Oh great - some asshole has my pen."!

Vince said...

I think these places need to be 'official'. And placed on a State tourist trail. How much could it possibly cost to hire a bunch of college kids for the tourist season.
But a real bummer they went that high. And just above the round amount. You'd maybe pay half, and at a push 10, 15 is thinking money.