Monday, July 18, 2016

Bridges of Madison County

Another trip we like to take people on who visit us is the Bridges of Madison County/John Wayne tour, both of which happen in Madison County around the county seat of Winterset. Although the bridges are beautiful and I enjoy taking pictures, perhaps the most entertaining part is reading what people have written on them. On a portion of each bridge, caretakers have painted over some of the timbers in white paint and encourage people to leave their mark. They are then painted over each year and the process goes on. This year for the first time ever, I remembered to pack a few sharpies so that I could leave my mark along with my guests. More of that in another post. For now, here are the rest of the Bridges of Madison County. Since most were taken in panoramic mode to get the entire bridge in one "frame", I only put the reduced sized pictures on here to save time.


Bob said...

I have no doubt your guests are left wanting more! I love bridges like this and your photos are great. How about taking some more when they are snow-covered to give us a different perspective (I know, easy for me to say!)?

Kelly said...

I think covered bridges are lovely and the idea for writing on them is wonderful. What a great way to encourage creativity and discourage vandalism. It also brings to mind a wall I had in my bedroom as a teenager.... but that's a story for another time.

Ed said...

Bob - That has always been a dream of mine but I just haven't had the time off combined with snow. One of these days though!

Kelly - I was recently working on a project that involved chalkboard paint and both of my daughters expressed interest in getting a room of their bedroom coated with the stuff. However, I think what you were inferring didn't involve stuff that could easily be removed!