Saturday, July 2, 2016

Back But Busy

I'm writing this in a hospital killing time but don't expect to really get time to do much blogging yet for another week or more. I was on the tail end of our journey around the middle part of this country showing my brother-in-law and his family their first sights of a country outside of the Philippines and having a mini-family reunion with some his cousins and uncles who have already immigrated here. We had just made the decision to head up to Chicago for a day or two when I got the call, my mom had a stroke and was being lifeflighted to a regional trama center.

My mom is the healthiest person I know. She rides her bicycle religiously for an hour everyday plus has ridden clean across this country not once but four separate times. Seven years ago she had a heart attack which turned out to be a very rare kind called a SCAD. Essentially a blood vessel in her heart developed a split in it and the body reacts by clotting the area and thus giving itself a bigger problem. Fortunately for my mom, there was no permanent damage done. During that time they examined her arteries and they were clean as a whistle and way above average for someone her age. So hearing that she was having a stroke caused by a blockage in her brain was a shock in more ways than one.

Due to a thunderstorm, my mom never got lifeflighted and instead was taken by ambulance however had a seizure in route. They had to pull over to the side of the road, get that under control and then proceed to the nearest hospital to make sure she didn't have a brain bleed that they missed especially since they had her on a clot buster to remove the stroke causing clot. She didn't have a bleed and so eventually proceeded onto the trama center where I had by that time driven from Illinois to meet her there.

As first, she had a slight droop on the left side of her face and slurred words and I feared the worst however after several hours in the ER and then the ICU, all that went away. By the following day, mom was back to normal and the doctors were confused. Test upon test was ordered and here I am three days later keeping my mom company while they figure out what was wrong. So far, they have ruled out a stroke completely which was good but now they are focusing on the reasons a healthy person her age had a seizure which usually means there is something else wrong. Of course words gets out clickly in rural Iowa so now she is entertaining friends while I'm chilling here in the visitor lounge which turns out to have internet access.

My brother-in-law and his family are still here but fortunately they have been really gratious about letting me slip out to be with my mom and give my dad a break so he can drive back to the farm and keep things operating smoothly. Hopefully when my brother-in-law and family leave here in a few more days, my mom will have gotten through with all her tests and we can proceed with fixing whatever caused the seizure from the comfortable confines of our own homes instead of the hospital setting. (She is now in a private room in the general population which is far better than the busy ICU area!) Another plus is that my mother-in-law who lives with us is flying back with her son to stay back home for a few months before returning this fall. I won't get much done on the house but it will be nice to have just us and the kids for awhile.

When all this gets worked out, I hope to get back to blogging. I have some stories worked up in my head to write down here eventually and I can't wait to find out what everyone has been doing. Later.


Kelly said...

I hate hearing this about your mother, Ed. I'm glad the stroke was ruled out, but hope they're able to quickly determine the cause for the seizure.

I've thought about you with all your family goings-on, hoping you were having fun. At least the visit has gone well, despite the unforeseen circumstances.

I look forward to seeing you back here and will say some prayers all around.

kymber said...

oh Ed - your mother is in our thoughts and prayers but from everything you have ever written about her here - she is made of flexible steel and concrete (who even knew those substances existed?) - but that is what she is made of and she has some more fascinating years ahead of her. we are sending our best to you and yours.

your friends, sending much love, as always!
kymber and jambaloney

sage said...

So sorry to hear about your mother. My first thought was, "she's in good shape, she bikes across the country." Prayers for her, you and your family, during this trying time.

Bob said...

Sorry to hear this, Ed, and appreciate your taking time to let us know. Praying for all of you.

Vince said...

Sorry to hear that guy. But as you know the recovery from stroke has gone to near 100% in the last few years what with the new meds and the new procedures in the units.
My best wishes to you mom, and to you and the rest of your family.