Wednesday, June 1, 2016


This has been my first and I hope only concussion. When the nurse told me that it will get worse before it gets better, I didn't really believe her since I already felt better than the day of the accident. However, I'm a believer now. Four days after the accident, whenever the Advil I was taking for the neck and later back pains wore off, I would start getting nauseated again. I would take another dose of Advil which would make the nauseating feelings go away. Meanwhile the neck pain transferred down to my lower spine and then back up again. Here it is five days after the accident and my neck aches more than it ever has to the point where Advil is hardly doing anything for it. It makes it hard to do anything when your mind is preoccupied with the pain.

Probably what worries me more than anything is that after the initial impact which I "remember" as only minor at best, I remember backing away from the car and driving slowly across the very busy intersection to a nearby shoulder. I have no gaps in my memory that I am aware. What troubles me is that I have no recollection of checking or even looking what the traffic around me was doing as I drove from the collision site to the shoulder. Perhaps it was the shock of being hit or what I am suspecting is that the collision was actually more violent than what my mind remembers and hence the very sore and painful muscles five days later.

My next project, which I was getting supplies for when the accident occurred, has been pushed off for the time being which makes my wife frustrated. She really doesn't understand the scope of effort that goes into completing some projects, only what it looks like when finished. I on the other hand, know that my neck and back won't allow me to do the initial prep work involved to do the project successfully so I'm trying to concentrate on healing. I will get to it eventually and she will be happy when she sees the end results and for me, that is all that matters.

(Edited to add that as of today, I'm about 95% back to normal.)


kymber said...

ed - i just read of your accident and i can't help but wonder - do you have a follow-up appointment with the doctor?if not, you really should. i can't stress it enough - i have had several concussions over the years and sometimes even months or years later, that strange pain comes back out of nowhere. you really need to stress to your wife that you are nowhere near ready to start on another project that is going to have you bending over, picking things up - anything that can set off your vertigo and that nauseous feeling. you need a lot of good food and a lot of rest. and not too much moving around for at least the next week.

sending love. your friend,

kymber said...

i'm really worried...i am not trying to scare you but has anyone considered whiplash along with a concussion? were you tested for that? please go back to the doctor and get your self looked at again. and again - no quick up or down movements, no climbing ladders - nothing like that until you get checked again.

again, just worried about you. your friend,

Kelly said...

Hmmm. Never having had a concussion, I didn't know that about "getting worse before it gets better", though I knew it applied to things like aches, pains, and bruising associated with wrecks/surgeries.

You mentioned your wife being a doctor and while I don't know her specialty, maybe she can advise you? I agree with Kymber that you might want to rule out whiplash or any other spinal injuries before you embark on your next project. Better safe than sorry.

Ed said...

Kymber - I did have whiplash which caused the concussion but fortunately it seems to be much better. I hope that there are no lingering effects. My schedule this last week has been hectic and not allowed me to start a project had I wanted too. I think with this week of rest, I should be good to go next week.

Kelly - My wife adheres strictly to her oath which prevents her from treating relatives or close acquaintances. However, I'm sure if she saw something she didn't agree with, she would give me a kick out the door to go get checked out. She did pull a couple strings to get me seen the first time by one of her competent colleagues in a timely manner so that was a plus.

Bob said...

Your wife is obviously very wise and I know she will prompt you to get further care if you need it. I haven't practiced "real law" in ages but my legal training is making me jump to all sorts of questions and scenarios. But you're a big boy so I'll spare you any advice! 😀

kymber said...

i've got the same questions bob has.

Ed said...

Bob - The other person's insurance has sent me a check for my "suffering" along with promised money to cover all bills. I haven't signed it yet on advice of my insurance agent and my own common sense. I'm going to give it time to make sure I'm completely healed before settling anything right now. I'm over the concussion as I type this and mostly over the whiplash. I'm fine as long as I don't tilt my head for long periods of time like while reading a book in a chair and then I develop a stiffness in my neck again. I'm hoping in another week, that too shall pass.

edifice rex said...

Glad to hear you are doing better and no bad troubles from your accident. Hope you are totally back to normal soon!
Your description of how you felt and your wife's frustration at you delaying some projects is something I can really relate to. That's what I've been dealing with for going on 4 years. Jack is very understanding when I don't feel well but most others are not. Pain is something difficult to relate to I think. It does make it very hard to think and get organized, even if it is not constantly intense, the effects over time seem to accumulate, to me anyway.