Monday, May 30, 2016

Banged Up

They say bad luck comes in threes. Well I recently collected all three so I'm hoping I'm in for another stretch of good luck.

The first incident happened about a month ago while my wife and I were in the urban jungle for different reasons. She was there shopping and I was there for a conference. My conference was ending and I was on my way to meet my wife at a favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant we used to frequent back when we had an apartment there. She had gotten there first only to find it closed for renovations so she had backed out, shifted to drive and was about ready to press the gas when she was hit from behind. The older lady had been making an illegal turn across three lanes of traffic to get an angled parking spot in the opposite direction and misjudged and hit my wife's new (last summer) car. Fortunately everyone was okay but it did $1000 worth of damage. Despite having plenty of pictures to document the scene that I took after arriving about five minutes after it happened, the insurance company couldn't find the lady 100% at fault since my wife had been backing out of a parking spot and it was just our word that she had the engine in drive. They found the other party 80% at fault which meant we have to pay $200 to get my wife's car repaired. It is in the shop as you read this.

Two weeks ago, I was driving across town in our other van and just missed a green light at a major intersection. I sat and waited for several minutes until the other lanes cycled and my light turned green. I looked both ways and proceeded to enter the intersection when wham, suddenly a car was in front of me and we hit fairly hard. My first thought driving a Honda was thank goodness the airbag didn't deploy because even though it hasn't been recalled yet, it may be one of the defective ones killing people. I wasn't sure where she had been coming from but thanks to a witness that stopped, I later found out that she had been in the turn lane going the opposite direction I had been going on a four lane divided highway. I'm guessing I didn't "see" her is because she blended in with the traffic heading in the opposite direction that had a green light for probably 30 seconds before my lanes turned green to allow people to turn. When her turn light had gone from green to flashing yellow meaning she had to yield, she didn't and the collision occurred. Fortunately the witness collaborated my part of the story and there turned out to be a traffic camera at that intersection which also collaborated the incident so the lady was issued a citation for failure to yield and I'm assuming there is no way this once will turn out to be any percentage my fault. Fortunately it is still drive-able though with one headlight destroyed, I wouldn't drive it at night or two far in case the bumper hanging on by a thread falls off.

So now the third thing which is tied in with the second accident. I felt fine in the minutes after the accident but as I was driving home I started feeling a knot at the base of my neck and nauseous. Fortunately I was almost home so I just continued onward and made it safely home. My neck started hurting more and I started getting a headache and feeling pressure behind eyes so I suspected that I perhaps sustained a concussion though I didn't think the impact was hard enough. Perhaps my brain slamming into my skull was affecting how hard I remembered the impact. My wife being a doctor was the first person I called and she got me slipped into the system and a half hour later I was getting x-rays to make sure my spine wasn't damaged. It wasn't. The next morning I got in to see a NP since my doctor was out of town to verify that I had indeed sustained a concussion from whiplash but was most likely going to live. Good news! Now all you readers won't be wondering for the next three months why I haven't been posting.


ErinFromIowa said...

Goodness gracious! That's a lot of vehicular commotion! Take it easy and keep on the mend. :)

sage said...

I hope the whiplash is something you get over quickly. Sorry about your string of bad luck, but that shouldn't keep you from posting :)

Bob said...

Regarding that first accident, I remember the concept of contributory negligence from law school and it varies by state. You could have possibly challenged the insurance company and gotten them to bend a little but, given the relatively small amount, you probably did OK. It's pretty subjective. Glad your injury wasn't terrible and hope you don't have another trilogy in your future anytime soon.

Kelly said...

Yep, I'd say you've had your share for now.

Take care of that whiplash... and since you should live, I expect to see you posting as usual. :)

Ed said...

Erin - Thanks!

Sage & Kelly - I will keep posting though it may sound like gibberish. In other words, everything will be the same!

Bob - I thought about negotiating but at the end of the day thought it better just to let it go and move on. It was just one of those situations with no witnesses where it looks like two people doing wrongs so I'm just glad it ended up 80/20 instead of 50/50.

Vince said...

Heck here if it's less than a total smash you'd do it yourself. Insurance is so high it's not funny. People insure their No Claims Bonus here.

Ed said...

Vince - Some states here are similar in that your insurance always repairs your damage no matter who is at fault and in my experience, the cost to insure is generally two or three times higher than what I pay here in a state that does assign fault. I'm not sure why that is.