Monday, May 9, 2016

A Rat's Take On Politics

Desert Rat here!

My alter ego Ed likes to think he knows the political process. Earlier this year he was filling up blogging space on how Rubio was in a great position to win the GOP nomination and how Trump didn't stand a chance. We all now know how that went.

It looks like people want to choose between a someone who has flip flopped on issues more times during the primary season than John Kerry did during his entire political career and another who has flip flopped with the best of them as a career. I guess that means no matter what happens, we are going to get a flip flopper for president. Perhaps that means we will finally get a flip flop flash mob in the Whitehouse.

I guess we've had an actor before in the Whitehouse so a realty television star or a soap opera star wouldn't be really ground breaking. Perhaps a president Trump could fire Putin for his lack of teamwork or a president Clinton could send him a secure classified email saying the same thing. Either way it would be interesting to watch and watch we will.

We rats live in the cheap seats out here in the middle of this country. Power corrupts absolutely so all politicians are corrupt. So we here in the middle of the political spectrum and country, will simply watch it all unfold as the corrupt politicians on the coast do what they do best. If Trump gets the Shah worked up enough to launch a nuke because he is Muslim, I'm pretty sure he will be aiming for a coast and not here. If Clinton says to trust her and someone out there actually does, hell will freeze over but I'm fairly certain hell is on one of our coasts and thus won't really affect us much here in the middle. Perhaps it will all be tempered when we Feel the Bern!

Perhaps the best thing that will come from all this is that after the new president is elected and our whole country is screwed up that we will collectively come to our senses and realize that perhaps putting CSPAN coverage on prime time will be the next American Idle ratings getter the Fox producers have been looking for. I'm fairly certain that Simon Cowell would come back and say it as it is. He might say Donald's hair makes the old version of Biff from Back to the Future II look downright coiffed or that Hillary makes Pinocchio seem like the Abraham Lincoln of honesty.

As a rat, I don't get to vote and may get thrown out of the country because I don't have citizenship. I think I am just going to lay low and hope some third party candidate comes along that I like. I have a cousin who used to pull hairs behind the scenes to make a great pot of stew or ratatouille as I think he calls it. Perhaps he would run for president and Disney could make a movie about it. Oh they already have, it was called the Muppets.


sage said...

Glad to see Desert Rat back and love the Muppet's comparison. As one living on the coast, do you think Ed would let me borrow that office/bedroom he built when all hell breaks loose?

Ed said...

Sage - I was back but to quote the Eagles (oddly enough, a strange band for a Rat to love), "I'm Already Gone" again. I'm sure Ed wouldn't mind you bunking up downstairs if all hell breaks loose. I just hope you aren't squeamish about rodents. - Desert Rat

Kelly said...

Ha! Love the photos.

It's already been a unbelievable election cycle and the main event hasn't even begun! Since nothing is clear-cut in my eyes this time (other than I cannot vote for Hillary), I'm going to have to buckle down and do my homework on researching the issues and options. I find it sad that third party candidates never really stand a chance and only serve to benefit one of the major party candidates. *sigh*

I'm ready for a zombie apocalypse. Guess that puts me in good shape no matter who gets elected. ;)

Ed said...

Kelly - From everything I've seen on television, rats survive the zombie apocalypse! - Desert Rat

Leigh said...

Now, now. The only reason they flip-flop is because they aren't sure what the voter wants to hear in order to get elected. Once they get in office they know exactly what they want to do. Of course they couldn't tell us anything upfront, because if they did they know there's no way anyone would vote for them.