Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Doors

More planing, ripping, cutting and then tablesaw work brought more rough lumber into what you see above. I'm just making plain shaker style doors for my upper cabinets but I might put an edge detail on the door with a router. I'm going to wait until they are out of the clamps to decide. I made the joinery simple so it could all be done on the tablesaw.

Again, as you can see below, it is nice to have a lot of clamps. Most of the doors went together easily and were square but a couple I had to put some diagonal pressure on them to square them up. I had two doors where a piece of wood on the rails split outward when I was clamping things together. I should be able to split the wood off completely when the glue has dried, glue the split piece back into place and sand in smooth so nobody would ever know it was there. It happens when working with wood and grains that aren't always true.

Next up will be finishing both sides of the doors. That will take awhile and will have to be done in batches but after the first batch is done, I should be able to start hanging the doors while doing subsequent batches of finish work. I can't wait to get them on.

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