Friday, April 15, 2016

Bodies Everywhere

With vacations and a lawn quickly greening up that needed a bit of maintenance before the grass got too tall, it seems like the drawers have been sitting in pieces out in my garage forever though it has only been a couple weeks. I finally strung enough time together to finish adding the detail cuts to the pieces, in this case, a dado slot for the bottom panel to slip into. After that, it was just a matter of gluing and clamping up all ten drawer bodies in three batches because that is all the clamps I had that were long enough.

These two drawers were the last two I cut using the dovetail jig after I had all the problems worked out so they look great. Some of the other eight drawers that I am going to use for filing cabinets and office supply storage have some gap issues where I didn't get the boards realigned for the second and third attempts at getting them cut correctly. Because the dovetail joint has so much glue area, they are still more than strong enough for the job at hand and won't be really visible unless you spend a time looking at the sides of a filing cabinet drawer instead of the files in it.

I have the last three drawers that I need to finish sanding and then I am going to mount all of them into the carcasses in the office. Next I need to make another run to the sawmill for some more lumber to make the dressed up front to the drawers that the handles will attach too and I will also get lumber for making the doors to all the cabinets while I'm there. Once all that stuff is built and attached, I can finally move all the piles of office stuff stashed around the house and put them in their final home while I finish up the rest of the details for this project, not a moment too soon.

Here is a picture of what I did to turn four of the drawers into filing drawers that will accept standard hanging files. I found some lightweight aluminum angles and cut them to length and screwed them to the drawers. Back when I laid all this out on paper, the angles were going to attach flush with the sides of the drawers which were made from 3/4" stock which is what I thought I had available at the time. However, because I ended up buying my wood at a local sawmill and finishing it to where it came out slightly over 1/2" thick, things had to change a bit. Also, for some reason, I ended up with my drawers being about a 1/4" to shallow so that the files wouldn't hang. I ended up cutting and gluing on a 1/2" spacer on each end to lift the rail up high enough so the bottom of the files don't drag on the bottom. It all works in the end which is what matters in the end.


sage said...

Nice craftsmanship!

Ed said...

Sage - Thanks!

Kelly said...

They do look great!

Love the title of this post, too. ;)

My husband has already noted how early it is and how often he's already had to mow.

Leigh said...

Real drawers with real joins! Well done.

jambaloney said...

you do really really good work - i am all about using another board inside the drawer and drilling flat into it... if i ever made a drawer - that dovetailing is WAY beyond my comfort level - you are the king!

Ed said...

Kelly - Thanks! I like provocative titles to mostly benign posts!

Leigh - Thanks!

Jambaloney - It would be beyond my comfort level if not for the jig. The jig takes all the guesswork out of it.