Friday, March 11, 2016

Deal of the Day

When I see something that looks like a big improvement on what I have, I am not adverse to spending money to get it. Case in point is a packaging tape dispenser. I've had one for years but it has been a point of frustration. It is bulky, the cutting teeth duller than the average set of human teeth and made from plastic which although still holding together, has numerous stress fractures on the thing. It was too the point where when choosing between that and just cutting the tape with a pair of scissors and then searching for the end of the tape for the next couple minutes, I went with the latter.

A past weekend while my wife was making a run through one of her favorite clothing stores, I opted to take a walk through a nearby office supply store. I didn't have really anything in mind that I needed but it was a darn site more interesting than watching my wife shop for clothes. While walking through the tape area, I saw the above item all by itself on a lower shelf like it had been set there by someone not wanting it. I looked around for a tag to see what it cost but couldn't find one so I picked it up. It is made from metal and is compact and has screws to take it apart and replace pieces on it so it intrigued me. I decided to take it up to the counter when I checked out to see what it cost and make the decision at that time whether or not to buy it.

I found a couple more small items and made it up to the checkout. The lady scanned it and before I could inquire as to the cost, she informed me that I had just made the deal of the day. She said that it was priced at $18.99 but because it was on discount, they subtracted $18.98 off of the price meaning I paid one cent for it. I almost thought about scouring the store for more of them but decided to not get greedy and just go with the one I now had. I'm looking forward to the next package I have to get ready to mail.


Bob said...

Man after my own heart. I LOVE a good deal and you definitely made one -- unintentionally, perhaps, but a deal is a deal! Well done.

Kelly said...

Wow! A penny?? Great deal!

I still have the old plastic variety. :(

Vince said...