Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stained But Not Finished

Well there isn't much to say. I did get the pieces stained and we did get warmer weather complete with snow and a touch of freezing rain which is why school got canceled and my plans for getting several coats of polyurethane on the pieces today went out the window. Our littlest one evidently ate some bad food somewhere and was up all night trying to hurl every 30 minutes or so. She is a bit dehydrated this morning but on the mend fortunately. Tomorrow, due to previous obligations, I won't get any time in the garage so I'm hoping for the day after. I would really like to spend some time in the basement this weekend assembling this thing. We shall see.

I should comment that adding the scrap boards on the ends to allow me to do both sides at once did work out well. I should have done that when I did the door which took me the better part of a week to finish both sides.


Kelly said...

I hope your young one is feeler back to norm soon.

...and I really do like the color of that stain.

Kelly said...

Feeling. That should say feeling! (how did I miss that before hitting publish!?)

Ed said...

Kelly - Thanks! She is closer to normal and is doing her normal 3 year old things but still hasn't eaten today. She does however drink so I'm not too worried yet. Now, I'm thinking it might have been a flu bug even though she received the flu mist last fall.

I always hate it when I miss something obvious before publishing. Almost every blog post I have ever written I can go back and find stuff wrong. I have learned just to just not go back and read them! I dread the day I gather up the courage to write a book and have to go back to proof read everything. I'll make sure to have plenty of red pens on hand!

sage said...

I am amazed at your craftsmanship. Good work.