Friday, February 12, 2016

Stags, Pancakes, Bingo, Superbowl and Girls

Life's been a bit hectic recently which has been fine with me since we are in a cold spell and the garage really doesn't get warm enough to linger for long periods of time. It gives me a chance to take a break from my woodworking and focus on other things for a week. First up was the annual stag party that my fraternal organization holds for other males around the community. Basically it is an excuse to drink lots of beer, eat at a buffet and shoot the breeze with others. Because we play the hosts, it meant lots of food prep work in the week leading  up to it and then on that morning, I spend several hours prepping the bar only to be swamped later on with the three others helping me. Beer goes out by the fistful of bottles with the occasional mixed drink or draw thrown in the middle. The crowds starting coming in at eleven and when I next had a few seconds to catch my breath and look at the clock, it was 3:30 and I was off to go to church because on Sunday morning, I was making pancakes.

The same fraternal organization holds about four or five pancake breakfasts for the community on designated Sunday's throughout the year and as things lined up, this one was the morning after our stag party. So not only did we have to finish cleaning up, but then set up and serve pancakes and sausage to the multitudes. It was afternoon before I finally got home and then prepped for a Superbowl snack party at our house that I wouldn't be able to attend. Nope. My one Sunday night a month when I volunteer to run the bar at our fraternal organization for the people playing bingo happened to coincide with that weekend. Not only did I have to serve the normal group but I also had to serve others watching the Superbowl too. After nearly two entire days of standing on my feet on that hard floor, I finally broke the cardinal rule and drug a stool behind the bar to sit for a minute in between customers.

Monday dawns and one might think things would get back to normal but not on this week. After a week of sales, the Girl Scouts, my daughter now one of them, were now wrapping of their first week of sales and after checking all the money, the orders and getting our order in, I had to grab the oldest when she got off the bus and go pick up the order. As I expected, it was utter chaos at the Cookie Shack as they refer to it. After about forty minutes, we were able to wheel our 108 boxes of cookies out to the car and escape home. We then spent the rest of the evening boxing up the orders in grocery sacks and labeling who they are too and if they owe any money.

I went to bed early and slept like a God must. My mother-in-law has meetings most of the day so I get the day off taking care of the littlest one... at least until this evening. That is when our fraternal organization has its monthly meeting and this meeting that I have to lead as the president will most likely be long and contentious. I might blog more on that later but for now, I'm going to relax my mind and grab some pretend tea with my daughter. She makes a pretty good pretend tea.


sage said...

Sounds like a busy weekend, but good was done and bar tending in this superbowl wouldn't have been bad as it wasn't that exciting.

Bob said...

Busy times seem to come in spurts. You've definitely been on duty lately. The best part, hands down, would have to be the pretend tea. Nothing like it.

Kelly said...

Yay for Girl Scouts and Girl Scout cookies! I spent two years as my older daughter's troop leader then six years for my younger daughter and I continued on for a number of years as the county cookie chairman. So, I can relate to being up to your ears in boxes of cookies! So much is done online now. We did everything by hand on paper. Thin Mints are my all-time favorite!

Ed said...

Sage - It turned out that way. With the exception of Bruno Mars, I really didn't miss anything as it turned out.

Bob - I'm always amazed with the imagination of the girls, especially our youngest one.

Kelly - We still live in the stone age here and everything is still done on paper. I'm a Caramel Delite fan myself!

Rhapsody said...

blessings...... poohed just reading that, i was delighted with the parenting duties, made me smile. Sounds like you are a good parent balancing your stuff with the kids stuff.

I trust you are well rested now? If not, do try to fit it in as the kids will need you in good form.


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