Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Filler Material

I'm still gone and this blog is on auto pilot but while uploading post pictures from my phone before I left, I came across this photo I took at our local nursery store and thought it would perfect for filler material. All year long, the store hands out 'store bucks' which works out to one dollar for every ten dollars spent. These bucks can only be spent during the month of December which is their way of getting people into the door during their slowest time of the year. While my wife was off planning on how to spend all her store bucks that we got during our recent landscape projects, I happened to notice the rack of seeds along the wall. From afar, I was amazed at how many seeds they had on display but when I got closer, I noticed they were out of stock on many of them. Then I noticed the cardboard filler blocks that they stick in the display cases that makes it look like there is a stack of seed packets behind the actual seed packets when there isn't. It seems like a lot of work but then, I guess from a distance I fell for it so perhaps it does work psychologically.


sage said...

Looks as if you might have a hardy harvest of carrots this year with all those bonus bucks! Enjoy your time away.

Kelly said...

Funny how they're colored on the top to make it look like individual packets, too.
I guess it serves a purpose in keeping a small number packets to the front when there are just a few left, though.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday. We've had drastic temperature/weather swings in your absence.

karl o'melay said...

I'm waiting for my baker creek seed catalog.