Monday, October 5, 2015

Wild Blue and My Maturing Alcohol Tastes

I've never been much of a drinker. In high school, I wasn't cool enough to get invited to the beer parties which is probably just as well since they were often busted by the local law. In college, I lived off campus in an apartment with my younger brother and a friend of his when I was of legal drinking age and although we did occasionally have parties where alcohol was consumed, they were rare and we never got drunk. We were more into just socializing and having good conversation over a few beers.

When I was off on my own, I eventually fell into a crowd of young 20 somethings like myself who had no debts because we owned very little and lots of time. We found ourselves at the bars most evenings and though this was the period I drank the most, I was one of the few people who rarely got drunk. It wasn't some morality issue for me. Instead, it was simply because I disliked the bitterness associated with beer and couldn't see forcing something down that I didn't enjoy, not to mention paying good money for. When I got married, priorities changed plus I moved a couple times so my drinking buddies were far away. My wife was more into wine but they like beer, didn't taste good to me either. I could choke a glass down to be social but I certainly didn't enjoy it enough to ask for another.

Lately however, things are beginning to change. Several years ago, my younger brother introduced me to a beer called Wild Blue which I actually like. It is a sweet beer with no bitterness. My wife who isn't a beer drinker likes it too so we now stock it in the house so we can share a beer after the kids are in bed a time or two a week. A couple weeks ago, we stopped in at a local winery that we had never visited and they had a couple sweet red wines open for tasting and I really enjoyed them. My wife made the bruschetta that I posted about in an earlier post and we consumed them along with an entire bottle of wine, something I had never done in my entire life.

Back in my younger days, when my friends were having their bitter beers, I would join in by having mixed drinks, usually Jack Daniels and Coke. The Jack Daniels certainly wasn't any better tasting than the bitterness of the beer but after a few sips, I would never notice anymore where I could taste the bitterness in the beer all evening long. I had largely given hard liqueur up until an overseas friend of ours brought me a fine bottle of Scotch as a gift and we drank it in the evenings. Although he preferred his neat, I found that I really enjoyed it over lots of ice. When we moved this last time, our neighbor turned out to like nice Scotch served over lots of ice so we get along pretty well when ever we get together.

For someone who rarely drinks, all this drinking makes me feel like kind of a lush though I know I don't even drink the recommended amounts by those wanting to improve heart health. I'm actually starting to crave a drink in the evenings after the kids are in bed and sanity returns to the house while the wife and I are relaxing in the living room. Perhaps I'm just maturing into someone who enjoys finer things in life or perhaps I'm turning into those wine snobs I can't stand listening to at parties. I hope I never turn into the latter.


Kelly said...

I'll admit I drank far more in my late teens and early twenties than I should have. I like to blame it on rebellion regarding my life situation at the time, but that's a cop-out. Then I got married, had kids, and ended up giving it up entirely for years. Now I pretty much just drink beer and I'm picky on the variety (and never to excess). I don't like wine (at the Eucharist barely dip my wafer in the chalice) and as for the hard stuff, just the occasional margarita.

Now you have me curious about Wild Blue. I'll have to keep my eyes open and maybe ask around about it.

Ed said...

Kelly - Wild blue is a specialty beer only sold in bottles and in six packs, at least that I have seen. Be careful to not confuse it with Blue Moon which is more well known and tastes terrible, in my opinion. I made that mistake once and never again.

Kelly said...

I totally agree with you about Blue Moon. Ugh.

edifice rex said...

I've gone through spells over time where I would drink more and then just abruptly quit and not drink for months. Like you though, my "drinking days" never amounted to much more than maybe 3 or 4 a week. lol! Though in my construction days I did get pretty hammered on occasion now and then. Now days I rarely touch it; allergic to most of it, it seems! :P

Ed said...

Edifice Rex - I go through spells of not drinking for months too. Mostly those seem to occur in the summer and when the cooler months start up and we spend more time inside, we start up with the occasional alcoholic beverage.