Monday, October 19, 2015


As fall disappears way to fast, I have been hurriedly trying to finish up on my outside projects. I had plans to rehab the deck, but with cold temperatures already upon us and a brother-in-law and family coming to visit us next summer with their bedroom/my office still gutted, I had to abandon the deck until next year. My wife wanted a windmill/vine climbing trellis for her birthday and being a doting husband, I indulged her as you can see on the right side of the photo. Later she decided that it wasn't enough and that I should build her a trellis which you can see on the left side of the photo.

Actually, it was two trellises, and not trelli as I originally hoped and put in the title of this post. One was for us and one is to be a birthday present to my mom who has wanted one for years and my dad is not someone who makes or buys things like that. So after I got both built, my wife decided it looked better than the windmill and wanted the second trellis, the one I build for my mom, for herself in place of the windmill. I stood it up there but it looked too small so it will still go to my mom for her birthday. However, it meant that I had to build a third trellis and I had to hustle.

My parents are full bore into harvest and need help hauling in grain from their farthest fields for a few days and I'm heading down happy to oblige. However, with my schedule, it meant that I only had two and a half days to get the new trellis built. I got it built in one day and painted in the next day and a half. However, I ran out of time to get it put up before heading down to the farm for half a week so for now, it just sits where it finished drying in my garage. It is the same height as the one seen above but only has an extra vertical piece added to each side to widen it a bit. I think my wife has great plans to get some climbing roses to plant underneath both trelli/trellises.


Kelly said...

I'm impressed with your handiwork. I guess I've never thought about the plural of trellis. I only have one and it's been a struggle finding a good (allowed) location for it.

Ed said...

Kelly - The hardest part of the whole thing was painting the darn things. There are a lot of edges and corners and I try to be as neat as possible to prevent runs and such.

sage said...

Nice work and I know you enjoy being back on the farm!

Ed said...

Sage - You can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the boy!