Friday, October 30, 2015

Mostly Fixed

Somewhere I have heard that a skilled carpenter is someone who still makes mistakes but is able to hide them so no one will every notice. Above is the "mistake" I tried to describe to you in my last post. While using a flush cut router bit to trim the veneer to the exact size of the box, the bearing that rides on the wood below and sets the distance froze up. It still set the distant correctly but instead of just moving at the speed of the router, it was moving thousands of rpm at the speed of the bit and essentially burned the wood. I was able to sand it out on the flat parts of the boards but on the corners, where the wood is thin, it burnt a divot into the material that no amount of sanding would remove.

I had been planning on putting one-quarter inch accent strips around the perimeter of the box but I would have to increase that to an inch wide from the top to cover the burn mark. I slept on the decision and sometime during the night, it came to me. The accent strips were also going to be on the vertical corners which would more than cover the burn marks. The next day I confirmed that it would and in essence, my mistake would be hidden from everyone else... except those that read this blog anyway.

I rabbited all my edges and filled them in with some dark kamagong wood that I still have from my last trip to the Philippines. As you can see in the photo below, all that is holding them on is some glue and tape. Tomorrow I plan to remove the tape and since I left all the accent strips slightly proud of the surface, I have to carefully sand it flush on the top being careful not to burn through my veneer. The sides I can probably just use power sanders since they are roughly one-half inch thick and in no danger of burning through to unsightly inner layers.


sage said...

That wooden inlay is going to look nice!

Ed said...

Sage - Thanks!

Kelly said...

I can't remember exactly how the story goes, but I remember reading somewhere that those who wove Persian carpets by hand always made sure there was a mistake somewhere in the rug. Only God was perfect.

Vince said...

I was thinking about that last night. You can get good looking brass corner fittings that look very exotic.

Ed said...

Kelly - I think I've heard that too somewhere in the pockets of my mind. It sounds vaguely familiar.

Vince - They would have worked too but wouldn't have been the look I was going for to start with. This box is going to be completely free of fasteners of any kind from the outside.