Monday, October 12, 2015

At Last... Peace Freedom

It is funny how the mind works. I find myself thinking about blog posting material all the time but many times I forget about it before I ever get words to computer screen. Sometimes, I look back for a post that I'm sure I wrote and darn if I can't find it. I'm not sure if it never got written or if the search mechanism in blogger is just so poor I can't find it. Whatever the case is, I might as well start from the beginning and if you've read it in a past post that I can't seem to find, bear with me.

I grew up on a farm with a couple big dogs. However they were mostly seen and rarely heard. In the years since I left the farm, it seems as if every neighbor I've ever had owns small yipping dogs. The first house we bought, had neighbors on both sides with small yipping dogs. Every time I stepped into my backyard, both dogs would continuously bark at me during my entire stay out there making it a less than pleasurable experience. During the spring and fall months, we would often have our windows open at night to take advantage of some free air conditioning only to have to suffer through dogs barking at every leaf rustle in the night.

So when we were looking to move, one of our requirements was to move to an area where the houses were much further apart and hopefully there weren't neighbors with small yipping dogs. We thought we had bought just such a place when a few days after moving in we were greeted by a small yipping dog every time we went outside. To add insult to injury, these neighbors didn't heed the leash laws in our town and allowed their dog to freely roam our property and everyone who lived nearby. This wasn't so bad except for the presents one finds when walking through your yard or the particular shrub that smells like a port-a-potty on a hot summer day after a full day of use.

We could have complained to the neighbors but I know they would have been the type to take it personally and we decided to just live with it and pretend we like their dog. Besides, it was an older dog and we figured it wouldn't live much longer and then we would have peace again. Two years went by and this past spring (I think), their small yipping dog disappeared. It was quiet in our neighborhood and I could wander out in my own yard for hours on end and not have a small yipping dog following me around barking it head off. After few days of this of this, I saw the neighbor lady and inquired about her dog. She told me that it had been sick and wandered off during a bad storm and she was afraid for the worst. I told her I hoped that he would be found but privately jumped for joy that the dog may be gone for good. Another few days go by and then one day I'm outside and see what passed for a dog that has been dragged around the block and beaten with a stick for awhile laying out in front of their house. The dog had found his way back home half dead.

Our neighbors nursed him back to health and the small yipping dog eventually returned to terrorize the neighborhood. However, a few weeks ago I started seeing less of him again. One day while out working on my front porch, the neighbor lady asked me to keep my eye open for her dog. He had been deathly sick for a couple weeks and had an appointment to go see some specialty animal hospital 100 miles away the next day. However, her husband had seen fit to let the dog out the night before and they haven't seen him since. She was obviously upset with her husband and told me she just knew her dog was now lying dead in the woods somewhere. I told her I would walk my woods at the base of the hill and make sure her dog wasn't down there but privately, I was once again hopeful that the small yipping dog was going to yip no more.

I never found the dog and when we walk around the neighborhood, I keep my eyes peeled into the woods along the road but haven't seen him. Two weeks have passed and the one time the lady spoke with my wife, she was still convinced that her dog was lying dead somewhere in the woods and the husband really doesn't seen too concerned. Whatever the case, I am holding out hope that the dog doesn't return. Since they are an older couple that spend most of their winters down south and have to hire someone to look after their dog while they are away traveling, I'm hoping they decide that this dog was their last. I like my new found peace freedom.


Ed said...

I saw my neighbor this morning and was talking to him. As I was commiserating on the loss of their dog, he mentioned to me that they will probably mourn him this winter and then get another one this spring. Damn!

kymber said...

oh crap! but i can soooo relate! back in the city our next door neighbours had the most unruly/untrained pit bull that you have heard tell of!!! because it wasn't outside on a routine, when it was outside it barked at everything, couldn't figure out what was normal sounds and smells and charged at us through the fence - it was awful!

and now here at the Manor our next door neighbour has a new dog that they stick outside on a tether and he whines and barks and breaks our heart and he's out there for hours! it totally disturbs the quiet that we have become accustomed to!

i hope that your neighbours don't get another dog!

your friend,

Tewshooz said...

Oh, Kymber, that is awful. Have you tried talking to your neighbors? Dognapping the unhappy pooch and finding him a good home? We went through years and years of that stuff. Now, we have coyotes yipping and howling all night, but no dogs. Those ankle biters are nerve wracking with their yipping. I have even gone so far as threatening to shoot the dog if they didn't keep it quiet and stop disturbing the (my) peace. They called the cops and the cops told them to keep their dog quiet. Sometime you just have to put your foot down.

Kelly said...

How frustrating! People who travel a lot (as your neighbors do in the winter) shouldn't have pets unless they're able to take the animals with them. (nor should they have pets if they're just going to tie or pen them up as in the case of Kymber's neighbor).

Ours will bark at times, but so do our neighbor's and we're all dog nuts, so it works out okay. There's also that "understanding" in the country that if a dog causes problems on your property, you're entitled to do what is necessary. (which is a broad statement that covers a lot of territory)

Ed said...

Kymber - I certainly hope they decide against it. They did say they were planning on getting a shelter dog so perhaps it won't be the small yipping kind. I wouldn't mind a quiet dog roaming my yard crapping everywhere. I just don't like the yipping all the time when I want to enjoy the silence.

Tewshooz - We do have a leash law here in town so if the new one ends up like the old one, I may have to anonymously report it. I have refrained from doing so because so far, despite the dog, they've been pretty good neighbors to have and I enjoy talking to them from time to time.

Kelly - It is sad to see animals tied up to a stake but there are more humane options like animal runs where they have the ability to move about but still be legal as far as leash laws go. I have always thought that dogs should pick their owners instead of the other way around!

sage said...

Little dogs seem to have to bark (or yip) to make up for their size. We have a neighbor's dog who runs free and seems to think that our yard is his potty and one day I am not going to stop my dog from teaching him a lesson...